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orderDOTAP-Lipo Transfection Reagent02022-03-25 06:32:28
DOTAP-Lipo Transfection Reagent (BT-000030) orderDOTAP-Lipo Transfection Reagent
where to buy PEI Transfection Reagent02022-02-19 10:33:00
BOC Sciences DOTAP-Lipo transfection reagent is a liposome formulation reagent based on cationic lipid DOTAP, which can form a stable complex spontaneously when mixed with DNA. where to buy PEI Transfection Reagent
buy HEK293-Transfection Reagent02022-03-25 06:34:39
HEK293-Transfection Reagent (BT-000015) buy HEK293-Transfection Reagent
buy Fibroblast Transfection Reagent02022-03-25 06:33:08
Fibroblast Transfection Reagent (BT-000010) buy Fibroblast Transfection Reagent
where to buy siRNA Transfection Reagent02022-02-19 10:32:37
Compared with DNA-based methods, RNP delivery can achieve faster and higher genome editing, which provides a powerful alternative for difficult cells. BOC Sciences's CRISPR RNP transfection reagent is a polymer-based transfection reagent with a membrane fusion virus mechanism that can efficiently deliver Cas9 ribonucleoprotein (RNP) in vitro. where to buy siRNA Transfection Reagent
where to buy Pro-Quick Transfection Reagent02022-02-19 10:32:21
BOC Sciences CHO Transfection Reagent is a unique reagent that has been specially optimized to provide excellent transfection efficiency in CHO cells and related lineage cell types. where to buy Pro-Quick Transfection Reagent
buy siRNA/DNA Transfection Reagent02022-01-24 00:14:23
buy siRNA/DNA Transfection Reagent BOC Sciences siRNA/DNA transfection reagent is a highly efficient, low toxicity, ideal siRNA and plasmid DNA transfection reagent for mammalian cells.
where can I buy HepG2 Transfection Reagent02022-04-21 10:00:09
HepG2 Transfection Reagent (BT-000013) where can I buy HepG2 Transfection Reagent
orderProtein Transfection Reagent02022-01-24 00:13:59
orderProtein Transfection Reagent The BOC Sciences's protein transfection reagent is specially designed for the effective delivery of proteins, additives, and antibodies in a variety of cells.
buy RNAi Transfection Reagent02022-01-24 00:14:11
buy RNAi Transfection Reagent Sensitive to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is recommended to close the cap tightly after use and avoid reagents and dry ice contact.
HTT mRNA Transfection Reagent for sale02022-05-25 07:08:20
In some cell lines with low DNA transfection efficiency, mRNA is a promising alternative. The BOC TR HTT mRNA transfection kit is a transfection reagent specifically designed to achieve high-efficiency mRNA transfection in cells that are difficult to transfect, including primary cells, neurons, and suspended cells. HTT mRNA Transfection Reagent for sale
where to order Hela Transfection Reagent02022-04-21 09:58:46
Hela Transfection Reagent (BT-000011) where to order Hela Transfection Reagent

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