Trying to book driving test online but it is always on same time and day? related questions

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Trying to book driving test online but it is always on same time and day?1Adam丶2012-05-22 16:26:16
Trying to book a test drive online direct rule after failed yesterday, I'm looking for an earliest possible date , but it always shows on Tuesdays at 10:44 , why not other days and times ?
How do I book my driving theory test online in the uk?0drew 2012-06-15 05:18:38
I wrote it in google, but came with a lot of advertising sites saying that the evidence off and so on, do not really trust!
Does anyone know of the website where I can book online for the driving test in windsor ontario for the G?0Ede2012-06-02 10:34:23
license? I've been searching and have not been able to find it .
I took my drivers test today for the second time faild it really makes me mad ive read the book and test?0Chase2012-05-22 20:04:59
line that does not know what to do I will resume on Wednesday please if enyone can help me as something to look foward to something, please I need help
Can you book more than one practical driving tests at a time?0ubaidullah2012-06-21 14:37:53
So , if no, you do not have to wait too long before you can book another . It makes sense ... I hope ?
Should I book my driving test?4frog2012-08-05 15:34:02
I've only been running since 31 January, but II have almost 25 hours and 29 hours have been made for next Thursday for driving lessons. I plant with Bill and I have a book that lets me know when I'm ready to test everything. Mostly everything is checked, but I'm practicing now. Do you think it's worth getting in my test and just practice for her ?
When should I book my driving test for?0Cornel2012-05-21 13:38:44
I had 8 lessons with a driving instructor (passed my theory of course too) and beleives that I'm almost ready to take my practice test.However told me to book for 6 weeks and have atleast 10-15 more lessons with him. ( which is more than I've had ?) My problem is I do not have money enough for many . I go with my parents to practice at least 2 hours a week however , we should be doing more now that I'm closer to take my test . My parents think I 'm as good as my brothers , when they took my test and I think that should be reserved for 4 weeks instead. What should I do ? !
What book or cds to use to study the theory test for driving licence?2Jonatha2012-03-25 17:13:31
It will help if anyone can suggest me the latest version . thanks
How long in advance can you book your theory driving test in the UK?0阿富汗2012-03-16 06:06:15
Once you have your provisional of course :)
How do i get the theory test book for driving who do i contact? (in Ireland)?0porcupine2012-05-06 02:11:00
Could I order one online ?
How long do you have to wait to book driving practical test again?2Olave2012-05-18 11:34:20
I failed my test 2 hours and I'm trying to book immediately, but it is said Our records indicate that you have already applied a test in this category What should I do ?
How long before you can book a practical driving test after taking theory?0Ott2012-02-08 10:43:58
I'm trying to book a practical test after passing my theory yesterday but when I enter my license number that say they can not find it. Is there a period you have to wait until you can book or what? I tried to book another theory to see if it was only practical, but also said there that I can not find my license number . That's right. Any help here?

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