Glacor boots are the best boots still.

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"Normal" (as in not Nex) GWD armour is adequate for Slayer duties. It's not expensive (for anyone with RS gold  your budget) it doesn't have repair and offers offensive benefits. Keep a Barrows set in every combat style (Verac's or Ahrim's) for the nil Slayer tasks that require high defence armour.

Glacor boots are the best boots still. Barrow gloves aren't that well anymore. They're hybrid gloves, so they do have their uses, but if it were me I'd choose the TWW Automaton gloves (Static, Pneumatic and Tracking). They are the gloves equivalent of Glacor boots.

Amulet Of Fury remains a good amulet, the most effective hybrid amulet in fact. But if you have money to spend , you may want to buy a Saradomin's Hiss (second most effective magic amulet in front of the Stream Neck), Murmur (currently the most effective melee amulet available) in addition to Whisper (best amulet with a range).

Melee weapons : If you don't possess chaotics, you can get Drygores. They're superior but quite expensive. If you're not willing to spend much money, you can use your Saradomin Godsword. (or take a course in Dung and buy a maul)

Magic weapons you can buy Virtus wand + book, but they're pricier than Drygores. Seismic wand and singurarity are at a ridiculous price right now, the ge price says the wand's worth is 500M, however it's worth 2 bucks. If you don't want to pay a large sum, buy an Arma battlestaff. It's definitely not as powerful as the Chaotic staff, however it's better than SoL at the very minimum.

Since the advent of the grand exchange, things can be exchanged for money quickly, and effectively be considered as one thing. For instance, suppose that (hypothetically) you require 100k cannonballs in order to slay, and you can afford 200k with a price of 250gp per. If you purchase 25000k 100k cannonballs and they rise up to 300gp, you effectively have 30000k, which you can convert to cash or use. In the same way, if the cannonballs instead fall to 200gp each, you will effectively have 20000k, which you could exchange for cash or use.

Doubling the investment doubles the profit, regardless of whether it's favorable or not. If you think that cannonballs will rise, then invest all the money you'd like into them: the more you invest and the more potential profits on anything you don't get to use. If you end up purchasing less cannonballs than you require If they do increase, you'll be required to purchase the remainder at a greater cost.

If you believe that cannonballs will rise by the day, then you should invest in them regardless of how many you anticipate you'll need in order to kill. If you're not sure buy Runescape gold  whether or not they'll rise, then keep your money as cash and purchase cannonballs in the course of your journey instead of buying up.



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