I was rearended at 45 mph. How much is my claim worth?

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Asked at 2012-02-09 11:23:46
I am a professional wrestler and trainer, and I am being treated by a chriropratctor theropist and massage. It's been two months and I'm in Oregon PIP , which only gives me 1250 a month compared with 9000 per month Im loosing . I have lost everything due to this accident almost . I have a lawyer waiting to strike, but sais its cut and dry and should expect . As I said I've lost about 15,000 because of this and I have to wait 2 weeks after stopping the PIP claim to starting my injury and pain and suffering claim. Any idea how much I 'm looking. Im not one of the insurance scammers theses trying to make free money. I can do a lot of money and I'm losing a lot more than I get from them. I hear anywares 5K -10K or more depending on the length of the draw? ? ? Please reply .
Answer1KiAnswered at 2012-02-23 15:22:27
For all errors in spelling, seems to have taken a few too many on the head. It also seems that you are one who thinks that " won the lottery," as he was beaten. A fair solution would be for them to pay real wages lost and medical expenses.
Answer2EldredAnswered at 2012-03-11 06:45:47
Be sure to keep very good records of all your doctor appointments and all documentation related to your loss of income. Your attorney will want to see that. If you have already hired a lawyer, you can feel free to ask what to expect . A lot of what is obtained depends on the policy limits the other driver. Most lawyers will not sue over the coverage limits , because most people do not have many assets.
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