Rsgoldfast - The total appearance and continue to advertise and buy OSRS Gold

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Well I decided to go low level bhing with Light. He was irritated by the noobiness and collapse there, so I stayed by myself for a little (I was range-2hing). So this ranger about twelve levels above me strikes me, and it is a fairly long fight as he safes the whole RS gold  time but eventually I piled a range-2h struck perfectly and koed him. I look at the drop pile, the kind of thing youd expect to see from a range, scim, chaps, bow etc..

I decide to catch my adamant arrows which I used during the struggle (I used a fair couple, therefore that they were worth a little ), then bank everything, and then collect another gear.

There was nothing to differ between my pile of arrows, and his so I had no clue who's I had been picking up, and I thought he was using mithril arrows (should have been my pc, or my eyes).

A solution? So basically I think items that you used during a struggle (such as arrows) should possess a normal color when you mouse-over them, and items of the individual you killed should be a different colour, so that you are able to distinguish between them and not receive a penalty. Just something I think needs altering.

While you did the tutorial (players who have already done it will have to talk to Mandrith about fall lists, short dialogue ) Mandrith will tell you the things which are coloured white in the list once you mouse over them are yours (they had been yours, dropped through a struggle or terminated as a projectile, or a target you murdered ) and you'll be able to pick up them without Runescape 2007 gold  consequences. Though things which are coloured red when you mouse over them are not rightfully yours, so if you pick them up you may gain a pickup penalty. That would explain what you can pick up without a penalty, and what you can not. 


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