Anytime you play Madden online kicking does suffer

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As is the standard now with Madden 21 coins  the Stadia version of AAA games, it performs wonderfully and doesn't have any noticeable issues with lag or latency in case your connection is great enough. Anytime you play Madden online kicking does suffer from minor latency issues, but that is true across all versions of this game -- not just Stadia. This year it is worse than normal so you ought to absolutely expect to miss a couple of field goals and extra points. They must have changed the net code for how kicking is handled or something because even on PS4 and PS5 I was having issues hitting kicks just straight and those problems persist at the Stadia version.

Google recommends at least 10Mbps download rate for 720p streaming, 20Mbps download rate for 1080p streaming, and at 35Mbps download speed for 4K streaming.

As for me, I pay an extra fee to have unlimited data in my personal home network. However, for those without that option, data usage is a large factor for Stadia games.

In terms of information use, it will of course vary based on your quality preferences. If you are aiming to play Madden NFL 21 with Stadia Pro at 4K then you are likely looking at about 16-20GB of information usage per hour. As this is a game you can play solo, online, or anyplace with friends on the exact same Stadia connection (through Chromecast with Cheap Madden nfl 21 coins  multiple Stadia controls or on mobile or a PC browser with numerous controls plugged in), it's not possible to understand just how much information it will suck up since hours will vary for everyone. 


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