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Too many symptoms. Heart attack?1.zakiyya2012-10-17 01:42:27
I am a 22 years old. I think I'm very healthy , plus I smoke cigarettes . Apart from that . My first symptom I have is a sharp light / very sore pain in my right arm . Originally from the elbow and was more intense. Then spread from the elbow to my hands. Kind of had a light tingling sensation in the fingers. Then the pain , followed in his left arm. Now mind you, these pains are of a trough in the day. However, it seems to be increasingly frequent. Secend symptoms I have is very tired! All I wanna do is sleep. My body is the use of gettin around 8 am and I can not even do that. Third symptom is in my area adominal . More to the rib cage. I have a feeling burnin light. I've never really experienced heart burn before so I can not compare , but that's what it seems. That's one out of a thing well. Very strange it feels. Fourth symptom is that I feel a bit sometimes , nausea. Fifth symptom is a mild pain in the leg. Type the same pain in my arms. Now these other symptoms began yesterday . I have described began 2 days ago. Slight headache . Not bad. I can tolerate it . Fluttering sensation in the chest of Light / burn. Further to my breasts. And I've been gettin off and jaw pain . There is extreme. Very light . One night I felt something in my throat. It was weird . I also had trouble breathing. Not bad. I feel like I have to take a few extra deep breaths . All this is very strange to me. I do not know what it is. If I'm thinking about these things. I have no insurance at this time. That's why I'm asking for opinions. Thank you !
Heart Symptoms :FATIGUE0ciwopihook2021-04-12 08:07:23
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Can anyone tell me what these symptoms mean? heart attack or stroke?0Science2012-10-16 03:23:42
Yesterday my father was driving home for himself and was going church when suddenly began to feel unwell . He knew he had to leave as soon as possible for him . but as he approached the house began to feel light headed , dizzy , and his left arm started getting stiff and felt like I was paralyzed with his left side of his face. He had pain in the left side of the spine ... I'm not sure what it is called bone since I have not had yet, but the upper bone anatomy is sorta like a blade that excels when it comes to having good posture . Anyway he had pain just below that. I'm worried about his bad sign . but felt better after a while , but are worried. We go to the doctor soon , but have not made an appointment for lack of insurance, but we will. Someone help. He's in his 40. No overweight or was really surprised ... Sorry for the spelling errors and such im sorta in a hurry. Please let me know what I heard. Thank you.
What are other possible things that could be wrong with my body if I have pregnancy symptoms?0salassia2012-07-07 11:05:02
My period is late. I normally have pretty short cycles, about 24 days. Its been 27 days since my last period. I have been feeling VERY bloated and tired lately. And I have a dull stretching pain in my abdomen. I'm going to the bathroom frequently and have sore nipples. AND im constipated! Normally I have no PMS signs whatsoever so when i googled these symptoms all that keeps coming up is pregnancy. My bf and I use the withdrawal method so I shouldnt be preg. but something is def. wrong. ANYWAY I did a test today and got a negative. I'm trying to figure out what else could be wrong with me. I don't want to be preg. seeing as I don't have health insurance, but it would be better than finding out I'm dying from appendicitis or something. I cant see a doctor until next month when my new health insurance becomes active. 22:26:38
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