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While most people are aware that you are supposed to cut down on carbs on a keto diet and increase the intake of fats, very few people are aware of how exactly does that help in losing weight. Keto Burning is important to understand what a certain diet or workout routine is doing to your body, to know if it suits your routine and lifestyle and if you should actually practice it or not. A healthy ketogenic diet will always help you get in ketosis if you follow it strictly and with utmost care. The most important thing you need is to attain ketosis, in order to attain your goals.

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During long periods of exercise, the body uses both what you’ve recently eaten and stored glycogen to power you through. But when those glycogen stores have been used up and you still need fuel, the body must turn to protein or fat for more energy. This is not a very efficient process — unless the body has adapted to being in a ketogenic state. Ketones are produced when liberated fatty acids (from dietary fat and broken-down body fat) make their way to the liver.


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