Get Better Experience With Watt Pro Saver!!

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Watt Pro Saver can not only get you fine-tuned for energy efficiency, but they can perform preventative maintenance that saves you on future repairs too. Okay, so this could be the perfect time to justify the purchase of a new television to your spouse. For example, a LED TV is 20-25% more efficient than the typical LCD or plasma. One Clean Technica article claims a 400% difference in energy usage between the most and least efficient 37 inch TVs! Even if you have a newer one, it may not be energy efficient at all.

The inductor represents all of the residence’s inductive loads —i.e. Initially, the energy providers ‘shielded the EcoWatt from the general public’. Organizations who want to provide their customers tools to predict home energy consumption can license the Home Energy Saver Application Programming Interfaces . The energy improvement recommendations are drawn from the National Residential Energy Efficiency Measures Database.

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However, if you're someone who's interested in knitting their own clothes in order to save money, you're barking up the wrong tree. I've written in the past about DIY hacks that are legitimately cheap, easy and useful, so I thought I'd go the other way this time. Here are five DIY projects that, unless you're an expert, will likely cost you more money than just shelling out for something store-bought, not to mention bring you all kinds of stress.



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