What will happen if you do not have your drivers license and insurance with you when involved in a minor accident related questions

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What will happen if you do not have your drivers license and insurance with you when involved in a minor accident1cormorant2012-04-14 20:43:19
What if you do not have your driver's license and insurance with you when involved in a minor accident
Does anyone know what will happen in the casue of an uninsured vehicle being involved in a minor fender bender8Candy2012-06-17 10:43:25
The situation is this .... someone other than the registered owner was driving the vehicle and struck the front veichle . No injuiries and the only damage was the paint and dual exhaust . The other party has insurance ... what the insurance company not the other parts ?
If a minor child who does not have a driver's license is involved in a fatal accident while driving a friend's car can their parents' insurance company be sued0Genevieve2012-03-20 15:49:08
If a minor child who does not have a driver's license is involved in a fatal accident while driving a friend's car can the parent company be sued insurance
Involved in a minor accident!?1Carrie2012-02-02 01:09:20
Well in my house so there is not enough space for my car, because my mom and my parents car is parked in the driveway and I can park my car on the street cause bad get a ticket , so I can park my car a field behind my house and other vehicles to park there and had a truck parked behind me. When I left my house on my way to my car that was on the phone calling my school, so I got distracted and did not see the truck parked behind my car. Once I got in I hung up and I could see in the mirror , because my rear window had ice on it , so use the side mirrors. I did not see the truck and back up for it. I was in a hurry to go to school because I have a big test , so I left , but when you get home I have thought about talking to him about what happened. My bumper has some scratches and a hole size of golf ball in it. My question is what is the first step in managing this situation and how much will it cost ? His truck did not have a scratch on it , its an old truck and the light was broken. My plan is to replace just the bumper and light, because everything else is fine. It also plans to sell this car and want to know if this will affect the value of the car or anything in your car for 2003 forward . Can anyone give me some advice
Involved in a minor accident?2Benso2012-08-13 16:59:02
I left the school on Thursday afternoon when this guy who was parked on the grass trying to get out of the parking lot hit the side of my car. The school had police on hand so they came and changed our information. My housemaster (main) witnessed the whole thing and saw it was clearly his fault. Police said nothing. Many people saw that it was the fault of the child , because he had the right of way . So the guy calls me and tells me not want to involve their insurance and myself. So we ask is that I want to do. I suppose you want to pay for damages to my own car. So go out and get a budget that was about $ 300. When I told him he said he expects me to pay for this? After that started the blame game , saying it was a bit too fault also, you were speeding. He said the police had not anyone 's fault. What should I do. It was clearly his fault. Not even leaving the parking lot of his output. Should I ask the police ?
QUICK...about to take drivers license test. question is..If you are involved in an accident ,?8~*LiL DeVeL*~ 2012-05-19 13:52:04
one 's immediate needs to help the wounded A. ............ Notify your agent B inusrance ............ C Notify the Office of the Secretary of State. I tend to A. Answer .. help me out here please
I was involved in a minor car accident and now Im having problems with the other party...?1Twila2012-09-12 02:45:04
I was in a parking lot . I went out and this lady behind me zip . that notched bumper. I apologized for the inconvenience and gave her my information. she was like 'Oh, no big deal "and that was it. few weeks later I called and harassed me saying I owe money. I filed a claim with my insurance. claim agent was supposed to back to me within 24 hrs. their status 48 hours and now can not get in touch with my agent or any agent in the claims department in California. im gettin so angry . now the co-insurance ladys call me saying that its all my fault and I owe him . is not that harassment ? I'm so stressed . What do I do now ?
I was involved in an accident and its my fault, i have no insurance what will happen?10Mignon2012-09-28 07:06:02
I was involved in an accident and it's my fault , I have no insurance what will happen ?
Do auto insurance rates increase because of minor damage in an accident with no one else involved2Hottie 2022-09-14 00:21:27
Is a minor involved in a bicycling accident covered by their parents' auto insurance?0naveen2012-08-16 18:40:31
i ran a stoplight and crashed into a car. I have 17 years and do not drive , so I have no auto insurance. Am I covered by my parents' coverage ?
I got into a minor accident today. What might happen?4~Little_Princess~ 2012-04-18 23:11:09
Yes, it was my fault. I was in a rental. I had the additional insurance coverage in the rent only covers damage to the rental vehicle . The passenger side mirror out of my rent, but I was able to pop it back in. The other car was an old truck . It has a long scratch on the cargo box and some indentation of the plate. The other has my insurance information . I really hope you do not call my insurance company . Do you think it's going to call my insurance company? Should I tell the car rental company (the company) about the damage to the rent, although that is not easily visible? Thank you.
I have a friend who was involved in a minor auto accident. His car was hit from behind, and he, in turn,?1Power2012-03-31 22:16:01
crashed into the car in front of him. He would do someone to explain his coverage and show him that his auto policy , each of their losses could be covered. The explanation of coverage and location of coverage should be in general terms, most auto insurance policies , please do not use only the personnel policy of automobile insurance as a guide. The cost of a medical checkup for his passenger , Ruth. The damage front and rear of your car , damage to the car ahead of him, the damage to the car behind him, and the total amount of liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage.

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