How to Fix Sage Error “Printer not Activated Error Code 30”?

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The printer error code 30 is a common issue that occurs across various windows platform such as 7, 8 or later. The error occurs when the user is trying to take a direct printout from the Sage accounting software.  There can be many reasons behind this error and for resolving every bug, the troubleshooting step will vary.  You can use hit and trial method given below and if you wish to apply a solution which just targets the cause, then you must contact the sage contact number.

• Make sure the actual printer has been set as default and not the virtual one.

• Update the sage accounting software as well as the Microsoft office version.

• You can also change the user account control settings in Windows 7 version or more.

• Always use email programs that are compatible with the Sage50 accounting software.

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