Detox for urine test?

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Hi everybody thank you for taking the time to read this. I was wondering if somebody here could assist me. I have an internship and a temporary full-time job, interviewing for both this week, first one for the internship went well and didn't have interview for part-time job so I have around a week before facing at least 1 if not 2 urine test. I used one of the detox drinks once before, took lots of niacin and fiber the day of the test, ate greasy foods (nothing healthy), and basically ignored all of the instructions on the bottle and the employer told me I had to retake it that day (I got a different job so I didn't do it because I knew I'd fail) but I don't know if it was because I failed (I had prior experience in that field and did well in the interview) and they really needed to hire me because they did mention the place was understaffed, or because it really was unreadable. I'd imagine that for an insurance company and factory job, I'd have my privacy while providing the sample since it's not for the government or probation or the military, so I was contemplating using the synthetic pee but I now know I'll have enough time to use one of those detox drinks and follow the directions on the label. I figured the drink would be the safest way to go in case for whatever reason privacy is an issue, and I was wondering if using the drink and eating asparagus on the day of the test would make sense to get a clean sample with a natural color and odor. Can anyone help me? Has anyone taken a drug test for an insurance company like Mass Mutual or a manufacturing company that hires through a temp agency and know what the privacy level is like? Has anyone used a detox drink and had success?

Here are some useful facts about me:
-Im prescribed adderall for ADD
-I torch about 0.25g's a day (the stuff around me is awesome and money is tight)
-I exercise regularly (adderall+regular exercise=eating is a chore)
-My weight fluctuates over 5-7 lbs a day, and gaining weight is a lot more difficult than losing it
-My diet is high in protein, not as much in fruit recently, but vegetables, eggs, and seasoned meat are potent in my diet (salty seasoning, not good)
-I take fish oil (600mg), zinc, (25mg), selenium (200mcg) daily and CoQ10 (100mg) every 5 days

Any assistance at all would be greatly appreciated thank you all so much and good luck in all of your future endeavors!!!

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