Got a letter from a law office? confused :[?

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well this is an update form an earlier question
I got into a car accident awhile back
I wasn't able to stop the car and I hit the car in front of me but it wasn't damaged, I even took pictures
the car wasn't mine and I don't have insurance (I was test driving it to see if I would buy it, never had a car b4)
and it looked fine
so I got a letter today, a month later saying " this office has been retained by This Persn for damages arising from accident, you are person responsible so you have to provide your insurance info, you have to respond to this letter within 7 days, if you have any photos or witness statements you would like this office to review, please forward it to us b4 we proceed with this case and it will be given full consideration for settlement or rejection of this case"

I don't know what's going on
I went to get the police report, it doesn't say anything other than there was an accident
my dad just wants me to call the guy and pay him money to go away but I don't even know what damage there was, the car looked fine when I saw it
we don't have insurance or any money, our family is struggling to get by
what am I supposed to do?
I need help
& they told me if I don't respond, they'll file a SR-1 form with the dmv office and I'll be suspended

I'm lost!! D:

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