Quick insurance claim question?

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my buddy was reversing out of an angled parking spot when a car that was going the wrong direction stopped right behind him. my friend was in a truck so couldnt see the car. apperently the guy was honking for a bit but my friend never heard. he hit him and most damage was done to the car. whos fault was it
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FAG 234706M bearing 

Mixed friction refers to between the above two states. Or there are more cases of boundary friction; or more cases of liquid friction.

For convenience, boundary friction and mixed friction are collectively referred to as non-liquid friction hereinafter. The sliding bearing is in the most ideal state of liquid friction. Because the friction resistance at this time is small, the friction factor is close to the equivalent friction factor of the rolling bearing. In addition, the bearing oil film can completely eliminate wear and tear, and at the same time has good vibration absorption, cushioning and other advantages. But when the sliding bearing is in the boundary friction state, if the boundary oil film is destroyed, the friction and wear between the metals (the first is the abrasive wear) will increase sharply. At the same time, the local temperature caused by metal-to-metal friction increases sharply. The increase in temperature leads to rapid expansion of the metal surface, which in turn intensifies the friction between metals. When the local high temperature generated by friction reaches the melting point of the material, adhesion will occur between the main shaft and the bearing, that is, shaft holding.

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