Another co-worker hit me at work ?

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I got hit by another employe at job on my hand and i went to the emergency room to get it checked a month ago and the manager did nothing about it he just talked to the other employe and now i went to see a doctor since my hand is not getting better and they want me to see a hand Specialist and i dont have money to pay for that ... Does my employer have to pay for the doctor eveb tho my injury was not work related but it happened at work ...

The reason the employe hit mewas because we where talking about this one former employe and he was making fun of her weight and i just told him "like if your girlfriend is really skinny " and thats when he struck me with a broom ...

Also i work at burgerking the store manager did not report it so it went on like nothing happened and now i might need my hand checked or even surgery i have no insurance what can i do ...

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