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Is the gas station responsible for the damages?0dee-dee2012-11-05 10:18:49
My mom wad pulling out of a gas station yesterday when her motorcycle stumbled over the unusually high curb. It feel from beneath her and the tank was dented. Is the gas station responsible for the damages? According to her, the lowest part of the curb was still several inches off the ground. If it matters, the police were not called, insurance was not needed, and there were witnesses.
Am I responsible for the damages to her car?9llama2012-05-22 18:41:22
A week ago I was driving and my car battery came as I was driving out of a parking lot, making the car turns off. The driver behind me to finish the back end of my car and its front bumper was halfway falling. Anyway, they sell a number and she called me and told me that the price of fixing your car, and I had to pay . She said the accident was my fault and that the cost of repair was $ 400 . It occurs to me with money, but I do not want to pay for something that is not my fault. Is this accident my fault ?
Am I responsible for damages?8Franci2012-07-12 18:28:03
About 2 weeks ago I was involved in a minor car accident that left little damage to each vehicle involved . This is how the accident happened: I got ( go left ) of a parking lot to the center (suicide ) lane when suddenly someone lying in the street , leaving me nowhere to go , but on the rails traveling ... . as I did this, someone hit my back right tail light bumper . They both turned to move off the road, but the accident happened yet. The only damage to the car side turn signal was broken on the right side of the truck. I immediately apologized to the male to pull out and told me not to worry about getting the insurance in question , the part that needs fixing is lower and that if I paid for it , then everything would be fine (and acting in my damage costs themselves ). Being young , naive and scared , I agreed to this, although I do not think that the accident was 100 % my fault. Due to the nature of light of the accident , police were not called . A couple of days later I called to make an appointment to give him the part that needed to be replaced and he said he was going to install it. I actively sought to resolve the situation and get one week after the accident , all parts or damage were treated (or so I thought. ) When I met with him to give the piece gave me the hand and basically says it was a pleasure , etc., and thought everything was safe. Well, a week later I called and left a voice message indicating that after taking his defense outside he saw a different part that was broken and I was responsible for this second part I did not. I remain responsible for the high school was not originally agreed ?
Can she be held responsible for these damages?0Vivien2012-06-18 11:33:16
A few months ago I sold a girl from my 01 Mazda 626 for $ 2900. I signed the back of the title and was supposed to go get it registered in your name the next day, so I assumed it did. A few months later I start to toll violations in the mail. It never was and did it in her name as she said it did. Now , yesterday , I received a letter from a salvage yard saying my car has been in an accident. I go there to watch it and totaled it . I have no way to get in touch with this girl because he has blocked my cell phone number and my Facebook account . Is this really my problem at hand or I can sue for damages. I guess she never got insurance on the vehicle either. As the owner , they said they can pay $ 360 and towed the car back to my house , but apparently joined and probably not worth fixing . Any suggestions and legal advice will be greatly appreciated .
Who's insurance should be responsible to pay for damages to my car?6hello问候2012-05-26 13:16:44
I live in New York and was having some custom work done to my car in Georgia. While test driving the car to the mechanic was involved in an accident . The mechanic told me that the accident was the fault of other drivers and that the other driver's insurance to pay for the repairs. Now the mechanic tells me that the insurance company would not give him sufficient for repairs and will my insurance company to pay the remainder. What should I do ?
If you were in a wrecked and no one was cited then who's is responsible for the damages?0Holden DeYass 2012-06-27 07:15:08
Who is responsible for damages if another driver hit a dog and caused it to go into my path?4Too many wrong ヽ2012-05-01 21:18:37
The dog owner is responsible, as it is for the first car to hit the dog? Or, is the first vehicle driver responsible for the damage to my car, and they are hitting the dog made ​​me hit it? My account with functional impairment and the owner of the dog does not have renters / homeowners insurance to cover damages.
Who is responsible when a Tree Falls and damages your Auto?0Niki2012-06-20 19:15:07
My friends from neighboring trees fell during the night and part of it broke his car window daughters. Who pays for the damage to the car? Adjacent property owners , stated that corresponds to my freinds coinsurance AUTO, My Friends Homeowners said to be an act of God for what other home insurance is correct, the auto insurer of my friends says that if she say you will lose your discount CLAIM FREE , which is so false?
Is a friend responsible for damages on a bike he borrowed from me?9Christia2012-08-06 22:43:46
my friend asked to use the bicycle in a race and grass wreckedit badly.about 1300 dollars .. is he liable for damages
If I have a drunk passenger in my car, am i responsible for damages they caused in my car?5Judith2012-06-04 01:50:45
If I have a drunk passenger in my car, I am responsible for the damage they caused in my car ?
Who is responsible for damages when upstair tenant flooded my ceiling?1minka2012-10-07 19:19:03
I own a condo and I have no home insurance. The owner of a condominium upstair was leaking . During the escape, the homeowner was not home all day to night in the morning. It ruined my bathroom ceiling. I called the emergency repair to fix my roof. Who is responsible for my bill ?
Sister grabs wheel out of my hand. Who is responsible for damages ?1Celia2012-05-18 07:14:25
My sister was mad and grabbed the steering wheel in my hands while I was driving. That did not result in an accident, but if I had to have been responsible. Criminal charges ?

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