Gas Station Accident what should I do?

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Asked at 2012-02-03 00:16:42
Hello Yahoo community , seeking their guidance on a serious problem. I know this is serious and that is why I need help, so
Two days ago I was driving my moms car (and I'm certainly not under their insurance) and pulling up at a service station by pressing and when it hits the brake suddenly the car is released to the gas pump , the problem I later found out was because of a carpet that got tangled in the pedals (no lie :)) Well the car is my moms and idk what the best way out, you have my information and I 'm dead broke at the time and do not want any trouble for my parents so please illd people like to know the best way out of this mess.
Answer1cockAnswered at 2012-02-03 07:28:50
You should tell her parents about it. If you do pay for it, and it broke, you can be sued , and their parents may be in demand. They can go after them. It is best to contact the gas station and know what they are planning. If you live in a state that requires insurance , you can get in trouble for not having insurance . Hopefully the cops know , because if not, you might consider leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it .
Answer2grey-hairedAnswered at 2012-02-11 01:55:43
Since you are not sure you are pretty much screwed. Tell your parents.
Answer3CasAnswered at 2012-02-12 07:48:09
Just curious, is a prius ?
It is best to do is tell your parents. It's not your fault , so you should not have to worry about the car.
There was no way I could have known beforehand. Perhaps you could call the company car or car and see what can be done to the car. I do not know what to do about insurance. Sorry.
Answer4KittyAnswered at 2012-03-05 11:00:09
OK, here in the U.S. not have to be included in a policy of a vehicle to be covered - a ensures that the car , so the driver unless you are excluded from politics, then you may be in luck. Search policy and read it.
One more thing: see the web for retirement or problems with her ​​mother 's car - Toyota just had a service bulletin issued to all owners huge Camry because of tangled mats on the pedals, which in turn are causing accidents. You never know - it is possible that you could have some influence there.
Answer5ur dick only measure 5 inch. his measure Answered at 2012-03-05 19:01:29
Tell your parents because there is no way around it.
Answer6AldrichAnswered at 2012-04-06 02:38:22
Wow ... I'm surprised you do not call the police immediately to ensure they were covered . It's a good thing for you who did not .. Because you would have paid a huge fine (for the lack of certain of something , I doubt I would have gotten one in the accident because of the floor mats , but ... I can be wrong) at the top of the cost of what we owe them for damages . So .. That saves a little, but the only way to solve this is to pay out of pocket it seems. You will have your mom in this case you have no money . The most likely going to have to pay quickly, or will involve the police , maybe even a
demand. Just tell him honestly what happened, and of course ... bother her difficulties, and so on. But it sounds like your fault, so I hope you will understand that. Do not try to make excuses if you do not, because at that time , it will not help to calm down. Only supports accountability and make sure she knows you're going to do everything in their power to take responsibility and correct the problem.
You may have to get a job, or work some overtime, if you already have one to cover it, but no insurance to cover you, do not think there are other options too .
I feel what happened ... That's a really bad luck . But .. It can not last forever.
Good luck getting solved!
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