Insurance repair the house and then sell or sell as is? related questions

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Insurance repair the house and then sell or sell as is?0weloo_volley2012-11-02 18:50:55
My mother-in-law was declared incompetent to live alone and moved in with us. She owns a home and owes about $20K. With the market and the location, the house is probably worth that much. Since no one was in the house, someone went in and stole copper wire and electric cables. The house is 2 hours away so it is difficult to keep an eye on things. We are just ready to get rid of the house. The insurance company came in with a restoration company and they said it would cost about $20K to fix up the house. Unless we have a buyer lined up for the house, we are worried someone will just go back in and gut the house again. We found someone willing to buy the house as is for about $14K. Some investor is willing to fix it for less and rent it out (about $1000 per month) and wait out the economy. We are not willing to rent out the house because it would be time consuming and taking care of my 80 year old mother-in-law and our kids is a full time job. We would not be able to go back and forth for repairs and so forth since its an old house. Is there anyway for us to sell the house as is and get the insurance company to pay the difference on the mortgage? Would the insurance company still give us the $20,000 to payoff the mortgage and then sell the house? My in-laws have owned this house for over 40 years and this is their first insurance claim. I guess I would just like to know what our options are so we are not in the red when we sell the house. Thanks for your help.
Can i sell all insurances in chennai? for eg: if i sell max newyork life insurance can i also sell others?0Alizha2012-10-09 03:45:07
can i sell all insurances in chennai? for eg: if i sell max newyork life insurance can i also sell other companies insurance products...
I'm a renter of a house and my landlord needs to sell the house and has offer to do owner finance to gives us?0celly2012-10-22 18:59:13
I am a tenant of a house and the homeowner does not sell the house and has to offer owner finance gives us the opportunity to buy before putting it on the market . talked breifly and was told that the note could be transferred in our name and we pay the monthly house payment , taxes and home insurance are included in this payment . If they want a down payment. Any advice , and I have to know ?
If licensed to sell life insurance in tenn. can you sell in ga?0Sean Micheals2012-08-01 18:37:03
I want to sell my motorcycle, should I cancel the insurance after I sell it? I live in CA.?0joson2012-09-03 13:40:02
I want to sell my bike , I cancel the insurance after I sell it ? I live in California . ?
I've got custom number plates to sell, how do I find a site to help me sell them?0disk_ck2012-06-12 15:35:09
Number plates for sale
Should I try to sell my house FSBO?0Aerith2012-09-22 23:37:02
He still owes me $ 91,000.00 in a 30-year mortgage (7.5 % interest ) , with 22 years , 4 months left. The place is worth everything you owe the bank . Monthly payments are guaranteed to cover the cost of taxes , fire insurance and PMI . I would like to sell this property requesting a down payment in advance with the buyer to take over the remaining payments . No prepayment clause , so the buyer can pay the remaining balance at any time. Is there any advice on how I could do this or I have to use a real estate agent ?
What happens if you sell your house below payoff?2lamoura2012-10-10 08:16:02
I am just wondering how the rest of the ends get tied up if I have to sell my house for less then I owe? I have to sell my house because renting it out would cost a lot in property management and higher insurance rate due to a pool. So if I sell the house below what I owe between two mortgages how does that work? Then if I have an agent, how would the agent or the buyer's agent get commission?
Do i need insurance to sell plants out the front of my house?0darshi2012-07-03 18:39:02
Hello , I will not sell the plants in front of my house, but someone told me I had to have insurance and I was wondering how much it cost . I live in New South Wales in Australia.
I am trying to sell my 1994 f15 an i lost the title can i still sell it?0Charles2012-06-01 06:49:55
I'm trying to sell my 1994 a F15 i lost the title do I can sell ?
Should we sell to "ugly house buyers"??0...help2012-10-01 15:35:02
Me, my mother and my sister have been living in the house he bought when my parents were still married in 1976 , five children and a divorce later, she would like to move, but have no way to go about it, because my older sisters and father are greedy bastards , I'm afraid that if something happens to it they all want to take advantage and get everything I can about the house , property , property taxes are a struggle to pay , I have the intended to help with the payment will and life insurance . We need a new furnace , no air conditioning and the house has a kitchen , 1950 and requires a lot of love , time and money . I'm getting no help from her older sisters , or father. She wants my sister and me to come with her ​​witch 's okay because I 'm a college student and my sister have depression or some type of learning disability - idk --- but I'm doing everything possible to help her. She is open to moving to a house in the city , I said you may have to take out a small mortgage depending on what you get for the house etc.Should i consult a real estate agent ? Also not long ago .. I told him that this year I will help myself , her and my sister get a better job . My mother and I work but are employed under .
I need help too sell my house! any ideas on this problem?0beans2012-09-29 04:34:03
I have cancer and employees . My insurance is through Medicaid and am in a reduced expense . Medicaid says I have too much land 4.5 hectares and have to sell the property , but we can not list with an agent. I also sell Assement tax value . I was dismissed on medicaid to start , and there were two real estate agents look at the property and was told that the state of the housing and the economy would be a tough sell to Assement taxes . I was told that there may be three things that gave rise to happen , and legal aid says not to take the chance because I could lose my insurance if I sell through an estate agent . Right now I have on craigs list and can not afford to send money to enlist . Any suggestions ? MedlinePlus They said if the property is sold I have to spend another home equity or treatment to follow my medicaid . It feels like I fell into a crevasse and can not leave . I have stage 4 cancer and may need treatment the rest of my time here .

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