Why don't people understand that the current healthcare system has an incentive to keep you sick? related questions

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Why don't people understand that the current healthcare system has an incentive to keep you sick?0ilovej112012-10-26 09:36:25
When you contact an insurance company , first find a way to avoid paying for expensive surgery . And hospitals and pharmaceutical companies do not make money from healthy people ... so you can do a quick test in the hospital and then go home . They know they will come back for more testing means more profit . Wake up people!
Our current healthcare system sucks. Why not give Obamacare a chance?0Melusi2012-09-15 01:08:04
Anyone who says they have the "greatest health care system in the world " is lying . People are not getting proper treatment due to the high costs that this bill , once implemented , will contain as law Romney did in Massachusetts . This is not even government health . It is what allows you to buy private insurance at a subsidized cost (lower) and keep insurance companies from denying that the treatment they need because of pre- existing conditions , so what exactly is the problem ?
I dont want people abusing the system, yet I dont want to mandate health insurance?1najla2012-09-02 17:04:02
I have a better idea NEXT TO COMPLAINT OF GOD?
Why are some people failing to understand that a voucher system gives you x number of?0SHANKAR2012-09-12 14:15:05
dollars to put in a Medicare private insurance and you pay the difference , I can pay me and I have a Medicare supplemental policy . With tokens the same as we have now , except it's better and doctors actually pay . How hard is that?
Republicans: How many people do you think have died because of the current health insurance system?2dirk2012-10-16 20:57:02
Some reasons are : * Do not be adequately cared for , as it was too expensive and the insurance company will not cover it. * Do not have health insurance to begin
Do people who oppose the Healthcare bill understand what they are opposing? Have they even read the benefits?0mikeM2012-07-17 00:16:03
Just curious...not sure how you can oppose no pre-existing conditions for kids or adults, seniors taken better care of, insurance companies being required to show their overhead costs. It just doesn't make sense how one can oppose this? Unless you're rich and don't have to worry about finances.
Old and/or sick people are denied coverage for health insurance we need PUBLIC healthcare NOW am i right?0montgomery2012-08-03 19:58:02
You shouldn't be able to ageist or sickist against people who are old or sick and just rake in mad cash from unsick people as a health insurance firm U SHOULD Be required to take in sick and old and you should be helping people as that is your business Also insurance companies shouldn't be allowed to deny certain precedures or doctors its time for government to get involved and squash these companies who were doing nothing but making money and trying to deny everything from everyone there time is over its OBAMA's time to come in
Why doesn't our healthcare system require lazy and overweight people to pay more than the health-conscious?0deuce biggaloo0 2012-10-20 08:54:46
Bad drivers pay higher auto insurance rates .
Do people understand the difference between Universal Healthcare & Universal Health Insurance?2Lalita2012-08-28 00:28:02
Is this too complex for people? Health insurance is being mandated by Hillary Clinton, this is not health care, it is private insurance that people will have to pay for from their paycheck. This is not a compassion issue, people should have healthcare. Healthcare is DIFFERENT THAN INSURANCE So is forcing every american to have healthcare deducted from their paychecks the right solution to universal healthcare? What if they cannot afford it? Is this a good healthcare plan?
What if we ran our public school system the way we run our healthcare system--with insurance?0Help proofread?2012-06-25 19:06:37
You could have school insurance and would have premiums and schools would be able to compete and get more money. Schools also could open a private practice and teaching in private that way. Does this sound like a good idea?
Which is better for the US, Corporate Healthcare or National Healthcare System?0Nisey2012-10-29 02:45:04
What is keeping the United States from having a Universal Healthcare System like other civilized developed countries? Is Obamacare taking things foward to achieving that goal? With for-profit hospitals and clinics, the government spends more money and there is sometimes medical neglect (like there is at CRC Health Group and UHS facilities ) and from the insurance companies. I don't think this would happen under a National Healthcare System.
Im home and im very sick i dont got insurance im scare to call 911 or go to emergency cause i dont have money?1ゞ ﹏ ? have a lock on an 2012-06-16 16:18:28
I need help now I'm working without social security 'm awaiting reply now asylum.need

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