Should I charge my business expenses only credit card for charges that cover personal/business expenses? related questions

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Should I charge my business expenses only credit card for charges that cover personal/business expenses?0Amanda E.2012-10-24 19:45:03
I have one credit card I charge all of my business expenses to, I just started a business last year and I'm trying to make things easy for when I file taxes in 2011. I have expenses such as insurance where both my business vehicle and personal motorcycle are covered - should I charge this to my business-only credit card and sort it out later? What is the best way? Thanks!
Where is a good place to start learning about business expenses?0oraine2012-08-27 18:45:03
I want to start understanding correctly what is a business expense and what is not? Especially when it comes to Dining out for Lunch or Dinner, Gasoline, and auto insurance...
Can you count medical expenses paid with a credit card on your taxes? Also life insurance payment?0luckybee2012-08-02 00:03:52
We've got 1766.30 in dental bills that were paid with a credit card in 2006. Can they be counted as a medical expense for itemizing taxes? Also, have $115 for a life insurance premium payment, does that count too?? Thanks!!
If you operate a business from home, what percentage does the IRS allow you to deduct from household expenses?0gul2012-07-30 17:51:57
In other words, if you have a designated area of your home or apartment set aside exclusively for business activities, what percentage of your household expenses (mortage, rent, gas, electric, phone, Internet, insurance, etc) does the IRS allow you to deduct on a Schedule C as operational expenses for your home business?
Does homeowners insurance cover additional living expenses and personal property?2 - Convicting bra. [Mr `Fly 2012-08-04 22:04:02
Does homeowners insurance cover the additional living expenses and personal property ?
Can my neighbour press charges against me. i wrecked their garage and offered to pay all the expenses to fix?1teal2012-06-29 18:27:02
My neighbor charges against me . i ruined his garage and offered to pay all costs to fix ?
One good reason to require insurance against PROPERTY damage expenses (auto. ins.) but not medical expenses?0study freak2012-10-26 12:15:03
I realize that auto insurance encompasses medical expenses related to an auto accident, so I'm referring to OTHER medical expenses. Also, I realize that medical insurance may, to some extent, encourage people to take less care ("moral hazard"), but that can clearly be seen as well with auto insurance, which most states require regardless.
Are the following monthly living expenses correct as a single person? r there more expenses to add?0Jamescia2012-10-14 07:50:56
MedlinePlus >>>>>>>>>>>> $ 850 Rental MedlinePlus >>>>>>>>>> Utilities $ 60 MedlinePlus >>>>>>>>>>>> Cable $ 45 Phone >>>>>>>>> MedlinePlus $ 30 MedlinePlus Internet service >>>>> $ 40 Auto Maintenance & Fuel > MedlinePlus $ 85 MedlinePlus >>>>>>>> Auto Insurance $ 70 MedlinePlus >>>>>> Renters Insurance $ 45 MedlinePlus $ 200 Grocery >>>>>>>>>>>> MedlinePlus >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Clothing $ 20 MedlinePlus >>>>>>>>>>> Cards $ 45 MedlinePlus >>>>>>> hygiene supplies $ 15 Eating Out >>>>>>>>>>>> $ 60 MedlinePlus Car Washing & haircut >>>>> $ 25
Trying to settle body injury claim. Is it the cost of medical expenses w/o insurance or what they charge HMO?2wHiTeNiGgEr 2012-10-03 04:19:02
Basically State Farm is offering me the amount charged to my HMO more than $ 500. Should not give me the amount of my medical expenses , without the adjustments HMO? Not the total medical expenses * 2.5 for pain and suffering?
My mum Sadly Died the other week, she had a basic life cover for funeral expenses... not enough to cover! why?0Simple life2012-05-08 02:15:20
There was the basic insurance from Prudential , which had been paying it to 30yrs ABT ABT aa rate
Where can I get help to cover funeral expenses?2Irene2012-08-08 02:19:45
My father died yesterday, and he was unemployed, had no insurance and was recently assaulted could have led to his death ( to be determined by me). My family really needs help right now and since we're in a hole in recent months , we need help for the funeral. Any idea where we can get some ? - El Paso, TX
Car insurance -- should they cover these expenses?1Aher2012-04-23 20:01:47
I had an accident a month or two ago. It was in a rental car. I learned today that the insurance company had rejected some of the charges that the rental company tried to pass them. Now the rental company is trying to pass the charges to me. Amounting to about $ 500, plus the deductible , of course. The charges are $ 100 for an administrative fee $ 200.89 Loss of use share $ 139.38 share value declined. Who should pay these charges? I must fork that money to the car rental company ? If the insurance company pays them? What strategy should I use in my conversations with them? My feeling is that I have insurance , you must pay all that is a real cost beyond the franchise. that is, if I have to pay, the insurance company should have to pay. On the other hand, if they are somehow false accusations, then the rental company can eat, and that's fine. Thinking?

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