Got into a car accident making a left turn. would i take the blame?

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Hello, from Queens, New York and I had just had an accident. I was dropping my friend home after school and had just made a left turn and was about to take the next left after when I was beaten. The road was originally a two-lane, but the right side of the street were lined with buses (probably on vacation) so almost became one lane wide. I was in the far right lane on the left and the right side of my car was practically right on top of the lines. I had my signal on and just when I was making the turn to an agreement only on the right hit the left front of my car. I start rolling to the right because it breaks unresponsive and the car that hit me later ended a car parked on the corner of the block that was trying to become. The car that hit me was totaled from the looks of it. MedlinePlus I was not speeding because I had just made a turn to the street, but can not stop thinking about the other person who hit me was speeding was considering a neighborhood and the damage did not only for my car, but hit her and behind her. Oh, and the person who hit me was a 72-year-old, who was taken by ambulance after making the 911 call. MedlinePlus I feel like I'm in a hurry and the blame will fall on me. I mean, it sounds more believable a woman of 72 years that started in an ambulance or a veteran of 26 years old who attends the local community college. Insurance will cover all but the principle that someone was wrong and I really believe that I was right. MedlinePlus There was a small library where security cameras happened and I'm thinking about asking to see pictures or get a copy of the incident.

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