My washing machine eats my clothing? Can this be fixed or is it just the machine? related questions

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My washing machine eats my clothing? Can this be fixed or is it just the machine?1Fitc2018-11-01 22:01:19
It's an old American Made can label - just had the straps attached to them and now has a habit of eating my clothes . It is the only machine rougher on clothes or take- out - maybe the plastic on the inside ? We have insurance on our appliance, but is $ 50 for the washer to the type just came out. So I did not want to call him and pay him 50 buck for it just tell me - do old washing machines is normal . Any suggestions ? Normally , or is something wrong ? MedlinePlus Usually eats underwear and t - shirts it is wrapped around the middle and only thing they shreads .
Insurance has written off my washing machine so i will get a new one - what happens next?1Maxwel2012-11-03 15:03:02
Washing machine repaired many times and now the repair process has a time duration unacceptable use of insurance has offered to write me a new machine and
Would our washing machine be insured with contents?0tyra cambell2012-10-15 20:34:36
Our washing machine has stopped working for some reason , not sure why. My partner believes he has shorted . We have contents insurance , although I'm not sure if they would be covered . The insurance company wants to know why its not working , because it could cover . What kind of things were going to cover ?
Who sells washing machine best insurance only?0vanie2012-07-11 05:11:49
I have to wash the product safely , please. if anyone knows please let me know. my machine is 6 years old and I have no reception, but I know where I bought it.
Flood damage from washing machine?0uop2012-07-26 01:50:04
We had flood damage throughout our house from our washing machine on Friday. The adjuster came out yesterday and the only problem I had with it is when it comes to our personal property . We had very nice things , like Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware furniture and accessories. He agreed that some need the replacement cost , but he kept pushing other elements to be "fixed" by a professional. Do we have to go with the "option of setting " if the demand for some items? I do not feel it would be the same quality and not the insurance company is supposed to get back to exactly where it was before the assault took place ? We are in Washington state , if any difference. Thank you !
Home insurance claim for washing machine?1(i mean,) scrotum 2012-08-03 17:03:02
Has anyone climed on your home insurance to replace your washing machine? any advice before they sound
If my washing machine leaks is it the plumbers fault?0ethen2012-08-18 03:45:03
we had a washing machine fitted a month ago by a plumber, since one of the tubes is loose and caused a major leak and considerable property damage later, I'm on the floor above. However, I can not contact the man who fitted the machine? who is responsible for property damage then I can not do with the type you use ? plumber would pay your insurance , and it was an accident , any help with this I thank u in advance!
Washing Machine sensor --- Water Damage problem?0Yessie2012-08-18 08:16:29
I am posting in this area with the hope that some kind of expert who can help. I have a ground floor apartment I have in Phoenix , AZ. I had a great tenant for almost a year. On Friday, the washing machine in the apartment above mine overflowed and caused much damage to my property from water and other 4. My apartment is a complete disaster , parts of the celing has holes , the water is in each room. I do not understand how a washer can cause much damage . I've never heard of a sensor that would not work .. He hit a lot of condominiums. Can this happen ? My insurance agent came out this morning, but said when he called up the door to anyone. The property manager is the one I said on Friday that it was the washing machine.
I'm a tenant, and the washing machine has flooded the kitchen- am I in any way responsible + what to do?1saba2012-11-06 03:57:02
Hi, I have been renting an old flat now for about a year. The landlady and previous tenants havent taken much care of it, but I have been trying my best to look after it, and even had my Dad in to shampoo the carpets etc which were filthy. The washing machine was very faulty in the first place, and I think the micro switch had gone. When my Dad helped me move in, he pointed this out to my landlady, who said she would consider a replacement. Today, I put a pile of washing in the machine, and went to tidy my bedroom. I heard what sounded like water coming out, so immediately went back into the kitchen and saw all the water coming out of the machine at the bottom. It flooded my floor, and what's worse, it has gone through to the flat below me. The man complained that it is affecting his electrics. I have apologised endlessly and said the machine was faulty. I rang my landlady immediately, and she said to "not mention insurance to the flat below" unless they mention it. She has said she will get someone in to look at it for me tomorrow and get me another one. I have mopped the floor and turned it off at the mains. I just feel dreadful for the family below me, as I know they are on a low income and dont need this. I feel like it's my fault, and dont know what else I can do to help! Thanks
What happens if you accidentally put your learners permit in the washing machine and its ruined now?1Jiggle Shopper 2012-07-25 01:57:03
I was doing laundry and I think that pocket just lost time. Hecking when put in the washing machine .... Please help !
What is the best way to clean sweaty gym clothes when you do not have daily access to a washing machine?1danielholcomb2017-04-02 23:53:01
What is the best way to clean sweaty gym clothes when you do not have daily access to a washing machine?
I rent my property fully managed, recently the last tenant left there washing machine?1courtney lara2012-09-21 07:36:03
I asked the estate agent to dispose off the washing machine. So he went round on Tuesday and took it away. on Wednesday he had a viewing when he went round there had been a leak from the cold inlet valve which has damaged the laminate flooring in 2 rooms the estate agent said its down to the valve being faulty and to claim on my home insurance.

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