Could you guys help me identify something?

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I've been worried about my mother lately, there is this wierd bruise on her leg that has been there for a long time now. I asked her about it, seeing how it was pretty darn big to begin with, and she told me that she merely hurt herself.

I believed her, since she was a nurse and all, and went about forgetting about it. Honestly, it did look like she burnt herself or something. I didn't really believe it was much of a big deal back when I first saw it. Unconsciously, I think I've been waiting for it to heal. Since my mother likes to wear shorts, it isn't hard to notice the bruise.

It's red, has a rather sizable diameter, and looks just plain painful. I even went as far as touching it but it didn't feel any different from her regular skin. I didn't do anything about it though other than asking her if she went to the doctor about checking it. She doesn't really answer more than 'I'll be fine', and once again believing her, I left it alone.

Today, I guess about a few months later, was watching T.V and noticed that the dang bruise thingy didn't heal. Actually, it was like it doubled in size! It was still the same color, all red, brownish... Ya know, the stuff you expect of a bruise... But in a way, it's like it's reaching around her leg in a ring sort of way. I sorta doubt that she somehow hurt that spot again in the same exact area..

And I tried researching about it but you know... Google likes to relate everything to cancer. So I don't want to jump into that conclusion...

It doesn't help that she's been constantly calling 'Life Insurance' agencies. I mean, I'm nineteen, and I suppose that she's getting older and would have to worry about that stuff...

But she really wouldn't go so far as to not tell me anything if there was truly something wrong with her. Well, I hope she would be able to trust me enough to tell me.

... Oh yeah...

Back on topic...

Do you guys think you know what it could be on her leg? I doubt anyone is clumsy enough to continue hurting the same place as many times as she did and the act that it's growing... I'm starting to get a bit scared.

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