HELP!!! think i might be on the road to a heart attack.?

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SORRY THIS IS A LITTLE LONG. BUT ALL THIS INFO IS NESSESARY TO EXPLAIN MY POSITION SO PLEASE READ IT. i have been having problems over the last few months that make me think a heart attack is in my future. the first day of symptoms i went to the ER. i have seen 4 different cardiologist. they all said i was fine. but they all also said i was tachycardic and had high BP. no treatment has been given. i was diagnosed with POTS syndrome 5 years ago. i think they all just assume this is what the issue is and just send me home without doing a full work up. i don't have insurance so the bare minimum treatment usually always happens. as a result of this POTS condition i am a couch potato all day long. i just cant do much physically. i am a little overweight not that much. 40 pounds above target weight. i wouldn't say i am fat just a little extra. i have inflammation problems all over my body. even my rib joints pop and crack then i breath deep because of it. no answer for why this is has ever been given. remains diagnosed. i am out of work. because of the POTS so i cant afford a good diet. My diet is mostly hot pockets and Microwavable TV dinners. i know all these things are bad. but with my condition and me being out of work i cant really do much about it. ok here is where i start to get worried. for the last few months even though the cardiologist says i am fine i still think i am on the road to a heart attack. it started one day when i took out the trash. i live in an apartment. my trash bin is about 100 yards away. by the time i get there my legs feel weak. i am walking duck foot because my balance is off. i get a little dizzy. i get this strong pressure in my chest and i can feel my heart beating forcefully up in my shoulders and throat. i cant breath. i am sweating. i have a stabbing pain near my left collar bone close to the neck. the side of my neck up to my jaw hurts. my left shoulder and down my arm hurts. i am sweaty. my tummy gets a sudden flood of butterflies and then i almost collapse. but i don't. after this butterflies feeling i gain a little bit of strength. i get back inside. lay down for 20 mins and i feel better again. but i am nauseous now. sometimes even get the dry heaves. this happens almost every single time i go out. i have been to the ER probably 15 times with these exact same symptoms. i have called the ambulance a few times over this. they always send me home with no treatment. Maybe its because i don't have insurance. or maybe its because they think its just this POTS syndrome. which it isn't by the way. i have had it long enough i can tell the difference. i basically have every classic symptom of a heart attack. yet when i go to teh hospital they say oh your fine and send me home. Most of the time by the time i get to the hospital my symptoms have calmed down some. maybe this is why they dont think there is a problem. who knows. but i fear that if i do nothing then one day soon i will be having a full blown heart attack. this is something i just know in my heart. i am convinced by how i feel that this is going to happen. i cant get the doctors to listen or do anything. i doubt they will until i show up on a defibrillator. honestly the local hospitals here are just awful. but i cant get the doctors to do anything so i have to take it into my own hands. i need to do whatever i can do to be as healthy as i can and hopefully prevent something bad from happening. the problem is like i said. with my already poor health there isnt a lot i can do. and i live off of food stamps. you cant really buy any kind of decent food with that. i am just lost here. i do not know what to do. but i know i have to do something. i fear the worst if i don't what can i do? i don't know what to do.

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