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Why are insurance companies and law firm prejudice?0Shelle2012-10-17 13:45:03
As my father was driving in DC (he drives a taxi), he was hit by another car. The man admitted his fault, he got a ticket stating that he hit my father from a police man and in the end gave his insurance number and everything necessary to pay for my father's damaged car. When my father called the man's insurance company (USAA) they said that they wouldn't pay my father 2400 dollars, to this day (it happened 2 years ago) i believe that the insurance company rejected him when they first heard his accent. He called lawyers but they too rejected him thinking that because he is a foreigner, he's not smart and that he'll make them loose the case. In the end, my father ended up donating the car to a non-profit organization.
In workers compensation court what does dismissal without prejudice mean0Jeremiah2011-12-22 19:28:59
At the court of workers' compensation , what does the dismissal without prejudice
How to start a New Car Insurance firm?3thrush2012-02-08 22:17:03
I'm looking to start an auto insurance company independent. What are the things involved? I like to create a new insurance company policeis are independent. What legal or business blocks and there if any?
What the best insurance firm for my aprilia rs50 please help??0 '- [You are willing, Ni, old love -2012-04-27 07:16:34
hiya im 16 and just bought an aprilia rs50cc 2000 and used to obtain insurance for Part 3 ONLY if anyway can help me please, and if you can , you know how much that surrounds it will be thanks .
What is the best life insurance firm to have a policy with?0cheesy doo doop 2012-11-04 12:12:46
im looking to set up a life insurance policy to help take care of my family , loved on and my son when im gone... what are the best firms to join. best offer iv had so far is with tesco for
How do i change my insurance uni choice to my firm?0Azim2012-07-11 22:52:02
I have already chosen my university offers on UCAS. but now i want to change my insurance choice to my firm, i have already applied for student finance on my current firm choice and that have been accepted. I know i should have considered my offers more carefully but i want to stay closer to home now and really want to change my insurance to my firm choice. Any ideas how to do this?
What is the cheapest insurance firm for new drivers?12 접속사 2012-11-01 18:15:02
I have 21 years , the women's , just passed ... Does anyone know any ggod insurance companies try?
What is the best life insurance firm to have a policy with?0ReeRee2012-07-28 22:26:59
I am looking to establish a life insurance to help take care of my family, loved my son and when I'm gone ... What are the best companies to join. best iv had so far is with Tesco for the
How do you audit an insurance broking firm0Jef2011-12-12 19:40:21
Firm and Insurance choices for university?0Bettye2012-07-16 15:48:03
I'll be applying to university soon, and I am aware that you have to chose a firm and insurance university. I was told that the Insurance choice should have lower entry requirements than the firm choice, in case you miss the entry requirements for the firm choice. However, for dentistry, which is what I'm applying for, all universities require AAA, meaning my insurance choice wouldn't have lower entry requirements. So what would happen if I don't meet the AAA. Can someone clear this up for me. Thanks
What does firm mean on a car?7` → Qing ぐ Zuizui -2012-05-13 04:27:13
Example : 1995 Nissan Maxima for $ 1000 Firm ! .. What does that mean ? Really mean the car is totaled and worked on what the title means is firm or something else?
Changing UCAS choices from insurance to firm ?? HELP?0Iyeisha2012-07-17 04:38:02
Huddersfield uni as I have my final decision and Nottingham as my insurance option . I want to change the unis all I have on my insurance Huddersfield and Nottingham as my company , I'm not too worried about my choice of insurance will only want to Nottingham as my firm. The reason for this is because in Huddersfield I will be staying at home and I have plenty of room to do my job and I will always be distractions in Nottingham me feel like having my own space and live next door to the unit will be beneficial for me because I want to do very well in my career this is my only concern and the real reason to change the options around. I'm really worried about this too because I really want a good grade for my career. I've heard you can withdraw from my first choice and have my insruance as my firm choice below. Or tell one of the unit is to "liberate " I do not know much . I have 360 ucas full point , I finished my initial course in college. The reason I'm so late in the decision is that our college has forced us to decide on our choice , which is stupid and I made ​​my decision and I think will be best in Nottingham. Thank you for your help.

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