What will happen if I don't pay my ambulance bills? related questions

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What will happen if I don't pay my ambulance bills?0Antoin2012-10-17 01:15:15
I was in a nursing home in MA and ambulance staff called for all my medical appointments because they had no time to take me there themselves, because of the distance . Nurses had always told me to not worry about the costs , said they had received confirmation of my insurance coverage. He also ordered an ambulance outside the network , so that my insurance will not pay . I received about 110 000 dollars bills. Now I live outside the U.S. in Europe .
What happens if I don't pay my ambulance bills?0Chillie2012-05-09 11:32:56
I lived in the U.S. I have bills and ambulance over a long period of time when I was in a nursing home. Health insurance sent me checks to pay the ambulance. However, I had no access to any bank, while I was in the nursing home . So I asked for health insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield ) to pay directly to the ambulance, but they refused saying they are " out of network " and therefore could not pay directly. Now he moved permanently to Europe and lost invoices and any other contact information of the ambulance. What should I do ? What if I keep the money? It's about $ 110 000 .
Sunstar Ambulance bills not covered by any Insurance Company?1hummingbird2012-06-20 20:03:46
The other day , which was collected by a Sunstar ambulance was called by a police officer who thought I was having a panic attack . They took me 2 blocks and became a guinea pig at the local hospital , where they found absolutely nothing wrong with me. A month later , I received a bill from them for $ 470. I sent the bill to my insurance company and sent it back to me saying that he would pay . So now I have to stay with him , but I wondered if there were technical issues that I may not pay. For example, the fact that they called the ambulance. And the fact that protested verbally to be taken anywhere. I also wonder if going to take me to small claims court and what the penalty would be for my no-show and in the event , does not pay . I am a college student. So it should shed some light on my monetary situation .
If you dont pay MSP in canada. how much would the check up in the hospital cost and x ray cost?+ambulance?0Laurel2012-05-09 17:22:32
If you do not pay the OEM in Canada. How much would a visit to the hospital cost and the cost of x-ray? + Ambulance?
What should happen to someone that can pay their medical bills?0Basit2012-09-25 22:15:05
Say someone needs some kind of surgery to save lives , or he's having a heart attack . He does not have insurance because they can afford , and duets will not be able to pay any emergency medical treatment or not. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What about him? My friend says we should let it die so ... I wanna know what you guys think?
Professional Ambulance - EMT Jobs & Ambulance Services 02022-05-13 21:55:50
Professional Ambulance - EMT Jobs & Ambulance Services RHODE ISLAND'S MEDICAL TRANSPORT Transportation is the gateway to the healthcare system. Whether you need to be taken to the ER for an injury, or help to get to chemotherapy, a Professional Ambulance might be the first caregiver you encounter on your medical journey. You can expect that your experience with us will be punctual, dignified, and medically excellent. Professional Ambulance is RI’s leading provider of medical transportation. We deliver more than 60,000 transports each year using our fleet of 20 ALS ambulances, 15 wheelchair vans, and 8 luxury SUV. https://proambri.com 
Medical Bills going to collections if I dont pay. Should I ?0Regiana2012-07-17 18:00:02
I try and keep my credit report looking good, what happen was since I have Insurance in my name, the Hospital sent two medical bills to me regarding my son ( who lives with his mother ) I did not know about these bills until now and it is at the point where if I dont pay they are going to a collection agency. One is for $1054 they will take $527 the other is for $642 they will take $321. They want a total of $848 to keep it off my credit report. To pay the bills, I would have to max out two of my credit cards. Is it worth it to go in debt with my credit cards and not have two collections on my report??
If you dont pay you hospital bills because of no insurance can they take your tax money?0Brandy2012-04-29 10:10:56
Failure to pay hospital bills because of no insurance can take their tax money ?
What will happen if i dont pay my car insurance this month?1 등과 같은 대화에서2012-06-26 00:16:57
I am a student and find it economically. I recently had to get the car repaired , so now do not have enough money to pay my insurance this month (
What happen to my car insurance if i sell my car and dont buy another one?3Antoni2012-05-03 23:41:24
ok I want to buy an old car and just sold after a month or so . what will happen to my car insurance , then? I can just stop or I have to pay the entire premium for it ? thanks , miky
Someone's car hit my car from back but i dont have a insurance then what happen?2Judith2012-04-18 13:03:48
Someone's car hit my car back but I have no insurance what will happen next?
What would happen if i got into a car accident but dont have insurance?0Odelette2012-05-14 21:36:43
What if I have a car accident, but do not have insurance ?

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