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Do I need a Personal Liability Insurance policy?0billystar2012-10-15 21:15:02
58 years old , disabled , retired , not working women . Children are more than 21 . Most of my assetts , are in a Roth or Traditional IRA . Other than that , our ( mortgaged ) home , two cars (paid ) , household items , and savings / investments of less than $ 100,000. SSA disability and a small pension income. Almost no debt except the mortgage and a loan from the University of Parents under $ 6000. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I need a liability policy , or should work with liability coverage and homeowners insurance by car ?
Personal and public liability insurance - Is it possible to get a combined policy?1thumper092012-09-03 03:28:02
I'm about to set up a small sole trader business in the UK making furniture and I am going to be moving into a small industrial unit which I will be renting. I have been advised by the people who are renting out the unit that I need to get personal and public liability insurance. I have done a few searches on the internet but I can't see any companies that have a combined policy. In other words it seems I have to get two seperate insurance policies for personal and public insurance. Is this right? Or is it the case that public liability also includes personal liability.
Why should i have personal liability insurance?0Daphine2012-09-05 04:15:06
I am renewing my home insurance and thought about reducing insurance of $ 300,000 my personal responsibility and $ 100,000 , because really now .... What is the probability of a person ) to sue me and b ) more than $ 100k . I'm tired of my agent telling me that my friends are going to slip and sue me in my own house .
Should paramedics get personal liability insurance0Egbert2012-03-29 20:32:05
Should paramedics get a liability insurance
What is the best liability insurance for personal trainers?0hashm2012-07-02 20:53:03
I'm in the market for liability insurance as CPT excellent . I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest, but enough more available . Thanks in advance .
Where can you buy liability insurance for a personal chef business1ABIGAIL 2012-01-08 20:05:16
Where can you buy liability insurance for a personal chef business
What is a Basic price for personal liability insurance0Precious_Soul17 2012-02-22 15:05:36
What is a base price of liability insurance
Personal liability limit on homeowners insurance1Ferdinan2012-03-02 02:26:59
Limit personal liability home insurance
Where can you obtain personal liability insurance as a cosmetologist?0wergtyh 2012-05-30 15:20:21
My wife went to a retirment center about a job as a cosmetologist in place and the lady spoke with said he would need a license and liability insurance . Where can you get this type of insurance as a cosmetologist in Fort Worth, Texas?
Questions about professional liability insurance for personal trainer?0 fish curry -2012-10-14 08:05:41
I'm looking to get certified as a personal trainer aerobics instructor / group . But I do not want to work in a gym , I teach my own training camp . I have read that even when customers sign a disclaimer , I still can sue if injured. Would I like to get "professional" liability insurance or "personal" liability insurance ? I do not know the difference . This will be a side job is not my full time job . Also , are you sure protect my assets like my house ?
Where can one buy liability insurance for a personal chef business in California1Spike 2012-06-03 09:20:15
Where can I buy liability insurance for a personal chef business in California
What is personal liability coverage when referring to renters insurance?1thanks2012-08-02 05:09:53
That is to say is that I have $ 50,000 coverage for personal liability for my renters insurance. What does that mean ?

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