Are the following monthly living expenses correct as a single person? r there more expenses to add? related questions

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Are the following monthly living expenses correct as a single person? r there more expenses to add?0Jamescia2012-10-14 07:50:56
MedlinePlus >>>>>>>>>>>> $ 850 Rental MedlinePlus >>>>>>>>>> Utilities $ 60 MedlinePlus >>>>>>>>>>>> Cable $ 45 Phone >>>>>>>>> MedlinePlus $ 30 MedlinePlus Internet service >>>>> $ 40 Auto Maintenance & Fuel > MedlinePlus $ 85 MedlinePlus >>>>>>>> Auto Insurance $ 70 MedlinePlus >>>>>> Renters Insurance $ 45 MedlinePlus $ 200 Grocery >>>>>>>>>>>> MedlinePlus >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Clothing $ 20 MedlinePlus >>>>>>>>>>> Cards $ 45 MedlinePlus >>>>>>> hygiene supplies $ 15 Eating Out >>>>>>>>>>>> $ 60 MedlinePlus Car Washing & haircut >>>>> $ 25
Any programs to help with living expenses for a single individual?6Afro-head 2012-11-04 00:08:02
All programs to help pay for a single person?
How much is the average cost of living (council tax, electricity bills, etc.) and monthly expenses?1Edmonda2012-10-31 02:15:05
My partner and I are looking to get out of our respective parents ' homes and move to a place of our own. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We are trying to budget for electricity bills , gas bills , water bills , council tax etc , and want to know how much you pay each month all, to give us some ideas. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I understand that the bills , taxes , etc will vary with use , the area and the style , but if we could see their average monthly expenses for the following , then this would be very helpful : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Fiscal Council Gas bill MedlinePlus Electricity bill MedlinePlus Water and sewer bill MedlinePlus Contents insurance MedlinePlus Food , groceries , etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance .
Average monthly expenses in Kuala lumpur for a couple and 1 kid. Monthly salary is 12000 RM?0Jane2012-07-25 02:22:04
Hi, I am a software eng. from India. I have been offered a job in a very reputed firm in Kuala lumpur. The monthly salary offered to me is 12000 RM. I have following questions: Q1: Would I able to save 5000-6000 RM per month given following expenses: 1. 2 BHK apartment within 45-60 min. distance from main city. 2. I will use public transport most of the times. 3. We are pure vegetarian and will cook at least 6 days in a week at home. Will eat outside once or twice in 1 week. 4. We will use cable + internet + mobile. 5. My kid is 2 and half years old and will start play group. 6. We will go outside once in a week for movie and fun activities. 7. Medical insurance and other basic expenses. 7. How much is monthly tax? Q2. How is public transport in KL? Q3. How is lifestyle in Kuala lumpur? How safe and happening place KL is compare to Singapore? Thanks in advance.
What are your monthly expenses?0LINK 2012-09-10 00:15:02
MedlinePlus Mortgage/Rent- Groceries- MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Electric Bill MedlinePlus Cable/Internet- Phone- MedlinePlus Cell phone - Gas - Water - fuel MedlinePlus All other expenses ( Car Insurance , Home Insurance , Etc. ) MedlinePlus Thanks for all the answers !
Monthly Expenses with Homeownership?0rayden2012-10-01 14:15:02
I'm trying to figure out a budget in a new home ( my first ) and in addition to the mortgage I'm trying to find out what other expenses I have to make a budget so you know exactly what you can afford . I'm looking to buy in the Greater Toronto Area in the West End, Halton / Peel Region. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking for 3 bedroom bungalows nothing too big ( $ 350,000 + / - ) . I'm trying to figure out what half Utilities / Hydro would also monthly property taxes and home owners insurance . I understand that all depends on a lot of factors , but would appreciate some input MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Thanks in advance
How much money will I need for monthly expenses?1krysten2012-07-26 13:16:04
Hello ( : I have 17 years and going out of my parents' house at about 7 months and a friend rented a beautiful house on the river and offered to let me live with it for only $ 100 a month. ! (: I wonder how much money is needed for my other monthly expenses like gas, food , insurance, etc. Utilities , cable , internet, covered, and I have no car payments Feel free to add any advice for me .. you have to be can be appreciated , thanks!
Monthly expenses inquisition?0Hori2012-07-16 22:46:02
How much is ' in total gasoline incljuding a car as the total expenditure sure ur car is costing one month evwery apartment owner ?
One good reason to require insurance against PROPERTY damage expenses (auto. ins.) but not medical expenses?0study freak2012-10-26 12:15:03
I realize that auto insurance encompasses medical expenses related to an auto accident, so I'm referring to OTHER medical expenses. Also, I realize that medical insurance may, to some extent, encourage people to take less care ("moral hazard"), but that can clearly be seen as well with auto insurance, which most states require regardless.
Can i get a loan for living expenses? ?0hashan2012-09-09 02:15:03
I am looking to go to nursing school. it is an advanced program so they have a lot of work and time dedicated to studying. If i cant get enough from FAFSA and tuition loans to live on what are my options? i have rent -300/mo...cell phone,car insurance,credit card bills, food,gas...etc. how do i get enough for all of this plus school without working?
Besides car insurance, what other living expenses do you have to pay for in the army?2Keri Ann2012-11-04 22:54:02
Because i know they pay for your food and life insurance and other insurances, so what would you have to pay for?
How to cover student living expenses?1Kimmi2012-08-29 21:09:14
how to cover student living expenses? I'm a full-time college student and need to cover rent,car note, insurance,groceries etc on a monthly basis. My financial aid isn't enough to cover both. I've been applying to alot of jobs and realized its a waste of time. Besides the fact I need to focus on my studies, theres a lack of employment out there. Plus alot jobs don't want to adjust to my class schedule, so I never get hired. Had to quit 2 jobs because they didn't want deal with class schedule. Also I cant seem to get approve for a loan due to lack of income and mom & dad are no help at all with anything and dont have any other family to help. So what can I do?

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