Hello! i was recently evicted as i made a heatlh dept. complaint due to mold! how will this effect effect me? related questions

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Hello! i was recently evicted as i made a heatlh dept. complaint due to mold! how will this effect effect me?0Aria2012-10-13 19:15:04
hello! i recently returned home from a business trip to find my condo covered with surface mold! it ruined everything, my whole wardrobe, furniture, home office equipment etc. even worse, after 5 emergency room visits for breathing problems and dumbfounded doctors that couldnt find a diagnosis, they now attribute it to previously unseen mold behind the walls! i was renting a nice condo and brought it to the landlords attention, his response was that i must have done somthing to cause this? he would not allow me to break the lease! so i filed a complaint to the health dept asking them to investigate the issue, subsequently they told me this was the worst case they had seen in 10yrs!!! they made requests to the owner to remediate ie. clean it up! in which he refused! then, for some reason the health dept rep backed down from them as i think they knew each other! the owner summoned me to court for an eviction. i went to the property mgr to pay the rent on the first of the month and they said they could not accept it? they then waited till the 5th of the month and filed an eviction against me! i took lots of very graphic pics of the amounts of mold that were unbelievable! while waiting in the hallway of the courthouse i asked the baliff if my name was called? he said oh yea! we did call it and we issued a 5 day set out date? in other words, get out in 5 days for not showing up for court! i even subpeonaed the health dept. dude and his findings to prove my case! so within 5 days i had to vacate the condo! my rent was 1,100.00 mo., i agreed to pay an money and they refused, but then evicted for non payment of rent? they always accepted any rent late etc, but in this matter they were angry over the mold which after doing my homework and talking to some neighbors and tenants moving out, they had horrible mold issues next door!!! in fact i found out there was a flood some years back and water stayed under the structure etc. the month that i made the water complaint the mgt. printed up a mold release to force people to sign to releive themselves of liability! even worse, my renters insurance doesnt cover this mold mess! i got royally screwed! evicted! im trying to find a lawyer and talking to the courts etc. to get this straightended out! my long winded story ends with, HOW WILL AN EVICTION AFFECT MY FUTURE ATTEMPTS TO RENT OR PURCHASE PROPERTIES? i know its negative, i live in ohio and the the due process is terrible for tentants/laws, in fact people are suing as its flat out unconstitutional to evict people like this, if i appeal, i still had to uproot myself, my property etc. obviously i need a lawyer, im not sure what kind? will the eviction be only on a local record check? my credit? can i explain this away? thanks
Caught driving without insurance very recently. Will it effect my job prospects in the UK? I am into IT field.?8Frederick2012-05-24 06:48:21
As part of my day to day , no need to drive a car ... I can use public transportation or just 15 minutes walk from my workplace in the future I received the job offer. As part of the formalities of marriage, I have to declare the existence of unspent convictions . So far I have no subpoena and now I am guilty of that I made a mistake that should not have.I am willing to pay the fine as set by law and I never break it again . Now my question is, if I declare this conviction is not used, will my employer withdraw a job offer ? It is a serious crime have I committed? Do not want to lose my job because it is a very good company and offers a good salary. Incidentally, this is my first offense. I have no other crime in the past registered against my name.
Health Insurance Problem - Filing complaint at CA Dept of Insurance would be effective way?0Grace2012-05-03 17:00:54
My health insurance sutdent denied the allegations, because my husband Insurace again. They are saying that my student health insuracne not covered when I get under the health insurance from my husband ..... My doctors and hospitals were in " my" insurance , not my new husband. My husband re- affirmed through their insurance, but was rejected .... What place do I have to go first? Should I hire a lawyer? Or file a complaint with the Department of Insurance ( California)? I am concerned about the state agency is so ~ slow and miss right time to fight . Anyone who has experience with filing a complaint through the state agency, and get it resolved ? How long it takes to start your research?
You recently started dating a girl that moved to the area with friends They are going to be evicted and will have to move back home a state away She wants to move in with me Risks Renters insurance0Jasper.2011-12-19 22:44:49
I recently started dating a girl who moved to the area with friends who will be evicted and have to go home a state away She wants to live with renters insurance risks
I recently purchased a home in IL and the seller didnt disclose serious mold problems?0Krisy2012-09-20 22:15:02
Should I let my home owners insurance handle this , its making my family sick
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Car value effect after an accident?0 ⺌ (. -2012-03-01 19:35:54
Hello, I own a 08 Accord , which was beaten back when my neighbor ended up back in my apartment when parked .. it was very difficult and the cost of restoring is $ 7000 .. sure that the kids are paying for it. Here is my concern and what I can not know .. insurance paid for repairs to restore as new and I said I will pay for "loss of value" because of the accident .. so is this fair enough for me to take it or if I fight I give full compensation ? which option should I choose ? the reason is 7000 is much that indicates severe damage to the rear .. with that kind of cost of damage , I worry whether I should go with what you are offering or total compensation is the right thing I am absolutely no idea and need some advice for me to take a correct decision and not end up being a fool .. please help .. I am providing additional details below value of the car is 22000 as per KBB (which is very well maintained , with 27000 miles) I live in Kentucky
Will a car bra effect my insurance???? HELP?0jujube2012-08-10 11:42:02
Im 17 with the admiral in the insurance company and live in the UK and drive a Volkswagen Polo wondered if the classes as a modification ? its just a cover
How does him wrecking the car effect me?0Farrell2012-09-20 00:03:03
I helped my ex boyfriend now buy a car in 2008 . I suppose to be the collateral for the loan , but when I got the title I realized that was the principal owner and co -borrower / co-owner . I had a new car of my own at the time , so I had no interest in obtaining it for my personal use . He made all the payments , had insurance in your name and I moreless not involved in it , apart from being the main headline . We have been broken for more than 3 years and not talk or see. I found out last month totaled the car . I received a text today saying he wants me to sign the title to the car . I was given no reason why. Recently declared bankruptcy , Chapter 7 , and my attorney is knowledgeable about the whole situation so I called him and asked what he should do . He said he does not have to sign the title if I want and there's no documentation that I could get to sign it. So my questions are ... If I do not sign it , is that they make it unable to get rid of the car ? Would I get some of the insurance check since he was principal owner ? Or is it just the insurance holder who receives it? I ordered $ 1,200.00 in exchange for my signature ( my lawyer says I can do it ) , because he is the reason I even had to declare bankruptcy . It's about 31 , still lives with his parents and uses people for all we have . It's time to learn responsibility and stop putting everything in the hands of others . Any information you can give me is greatly appreciated. I live in Kentucky if that matters. Thanks again for any help!
Will getting a DUI effect your series 6 or 63 at all?1khatami 2012-07-12 02:13:23
Not your job, but as licensing in general. I was curious . Any information would be good.
What effect will Obamacare have on me?0Jarin2012-07-16 15:40:02
I don't know how I feel about it. I'm a college student and I couldn't afford health insurance even if I wanted it. I try to eat healthy and workout and all, but I honestly don't know whether I'm healthy or not. What effect will this have on me? I make less than 10k a year, so I guess the $98 will come out of my tax refund? Anything else?
When does car insurance take effect?0teachers aide and early childhood education settin2012-06-24 03:24:24
so I have car insurance on 3 cars now the third, I asked to be insured as 2 or three weeks ago my car is insuraed From the day I call and get insurance on it or Wat ten points plz

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