Hello! i was recently evicted as i made a heatlh dept. complaint due to mold! how will this effect effect me?

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hello! i recently returned home from a business trip to find my condo covered with surface mold! it ruined everything, my whole wardrobe, furniture, home office equipment etc. even worse, after 5 emergency room visits for breathing problems and dumbfounded doctors that couldnt find a diagnosis, they now attribute it to previously unseen mold behind the walls! i was renting a nice condo and brought it to the landlords attention, his response was that i must have done somthing to cause this? he would not allow me to break the lease! so i filed a complaint to the health dept asking them to investigate the issue, subsequently they told me this was the worst case they had seen in 10yrs!!! they made requests to the owner to remediate ie. clean it up! in which he refused! then, for some reason the health dept rep backed down from them as i think they knew each other! the owner summoned me to court for an eviction. i went to the property mgr to pay the rent on the first of the month and they said they could not accept it? they then waited till the 5th of the month and filed an eviction against me! i took lots of very graphic pics of the amounts of mold that were unbelievable! while waiting in the hallway of the courthouse i asked the baliff if my name was called? he said oh yea! we did call it and we issued a 5 day set out date? in other words, get out in 5 days for not showing up for court! i even subpeonaed the health dept. dude and his findings to prove my case! so within 5 days i had to vacate the condo! my rent was 1,100.00 mo., i agreed to pay an money and they refused, but then evicted for non payment of rent? they always accepted any rent late etc, but in this matter they were angry over the mold which after doing my homework and talking to some neighbors and tenants moving out, they had horrible mold issues next door!!! in fact i found out there was a flood some years back and water stayed under the structure etc. the month that i made the water complaint the mgt. printed up a mold release to force people to sign to releive themselves of liability! even worse, my renters insurance doesnt cover this mold mess! i got royally screwed! evicted! im trying to find a lawyer and talking to the courts etc. to get this straightended out! my long winded story ends with, HOW WILL AN EVICTION AFFECT MY FUTURE ATTEMPTS TO RENT OR PURCHASE PROPERTIES? i know its negative, i live in ohio and the the due process is terrible for tentants/laws, in fact people are suing as its flat out unconstitutional to evict people like this, if i appeal, i still had to uproot myself, my property etc. obviously i need a lawyer, im not sure what kind? will the eviction be only on a local record check? my credit? can i explain this away? thanks

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