Can I deduct Rental Property Expenses in my personal return if the property I own is Commercial? related questions

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Can I deduct Rental Property Expenses in my personal return if the property I own is Commercial?1Wing2012-11-03 23:52:02
I own a commercial office suite , I rent . MedlinePlus Are expenses such as mortgage interest , taxes , insurance, repairs , deductibles on my personal statement , as it would in the case of a residential rental property ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I find no reference to costs decuting a rental property commercial personal income , in any part of the IRS website .
Need help with tax return and rental property?0Ashley-Ann2012-07-29 14:56:58
I just started renting my home out in November 2007. Do I prorate the amount mortgage interest, property taxes, and insurance premiums under rental property and then enter a new 1098 form for the time that I was living in the home? I tried entering my information in TurboTax and TaxAct but come up with two different scenarios. Does anyone know the rules of taxes on residential property?
What can I claim on rental property as business expense on tax return?0Rebeca2012-08-08 07:04:44
I am new to this, I have rented a house , so if I have to claim the monthly income, ¿ I can also say that the home insurance and property tax as a business expense ? Anything else I can claim ? Thank you.
Insurance on a commercial rental property?0Nazish2012-10-23 23:15:04
I have a ranch with a mobile home that is for rent in Florida . The ranch is zoned commercial is most likely going to be used for a horse business . The owners probably chose to live in mobile or live there have a ranch . MedlinePlus I was wondering how to secure this property . While I do not really care about the house or structures on the property , you want to make sure that if someone breaks his leg while riding a horse not going to lose the property. MedlinePlus May require , on a lease that tenants get their own property insurance ? What if they do not pass something, does the lease protect me from legal action against the property? MedlinePlus What kind of insurance should I , or search ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
Does homeowners insurance cover additional living expenses and personal property?2 - Convicting bra. [Mr `Fly 2012-08-04 22:04:02
Does homeowners insurance cover the additional living expenses and personal property ?
I am working on a pro-forma for a residential rental property. I am looking for a lost of typical expenses ...0Bonnie2012-08-13 19:12:02
I am looking for typical expenses incurred for buying and renting a home in Orange County , California. mortgage taxes insurance Repairs (not sure what kind of percentage, or $ $ to put here for annual expenses for repairs that would be typical of renting a home ) Tenant Finders Fee ( if I hire a company to find me a tenant ? ) etc? ? What lack I yet ?
How are depreciation, taxes, maintenance, insurance, etc handled on tax return for vacant rental property?0wezile2012-09-07 01:25:03
How are the expenses before the tax return for the period in which the property is vacant and in the process of being renovated ? If an Annex E are included with the current return at all during this time if these are capitalized and deducted in future years ? Is not necessary to take annual depreciation - can be capitalized ?
Vehicle tax or personal property tax - Rental Car payments ?0chameleon2012-09-28 03:20:03
Hello , MedlinePlus I am filing 2009 tax return through the online system for filing taxes where I found a question to fill MedlinePlus " Vehicle tax or personal property tax " - Payment in the car , truck , boat, motorcycle , or other real property . MedlinePlus So my question is , I have no personal car, but I've had many times car rental and insurance paid each time he took , etc. Taxes . Therefore, these expenses are reportable ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please explain / clarify . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks , MedlinePlus Narendra
Can I deduct my health insurance premium on my personal tax return?0kailee2012-07-25 06:45:02
I don't have a benefits package where I work so I pay for my health insurance out of pocket $200 a month. Can I deduct it on my personal tax return? I haven't in the past but I never questioned my tax preparer about it and he or she never asked
What is the difference between personal property protection and personal property reimbursement?0â¿´ 'Sc!! Curcuma love you 2012-05-08 10:10:26
I'm looking into renter's insurance for my new apartment. I've never had before. I just got a quote from an Allstate agent that covers me for $ 15,000 in personal property protection , but no refund of personal property . What does that mean ? Also, do you think a good deal? It's $ 11 a month and I think $ 15,000 is sufficient coverage. I would be willing to pay a little more, though ( up to $ 20 a month ) if the reimbursement of personal property worth paying more for .
Do I need commercial property insurance on a commercial property if I used it only as a residence.?0Cortesha2012-07-29 12:52:58
How much more expensive is that the home insurance ? HELP !
If a property is zoned residential and commercial can someone live on the property under the business insurance as a security guard0Lell Man 2012-03-26 23:18:34
If a property is zoned residential and commercial can anyone live on the property in the insurance business as a security guard

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