How can i get rid of these backheads/black spots on my face?? and little pimples? related questions

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How can i get rid of these backheads/black spots on my face?? and little pimples?0Desi2012-10-12 09:02:20
a man of 18. im Trinidad and Tobago form I know it has nothing to do with him , but whatever .. im leaving in america now have been living here since 08 ..... i have these black marks on my cheeks , but more on the right side , my right side is 3spots .. Are there any product I can buy online that can get rid of it ? I can not go to a dermatologist because I have no insurance and was never in my dads insurance because I never grew up with him and meet him at 08 and has his own family , so yes I'm the weird lol but idc .. if I was to go to one without insurance how much will it cost? and please do not tell me to use egg white as a thing lol i did not because I'm not an egg smell lol and no home remedies please lol ... I feel like im the only dark-skinned kid with this problem because my friends do not have any of there face lol and I feel like a certain kind of way
How can I get rid of black spots on my face ?0Domain Name ン 2012-10-31 14:15:05
well I just turned 18 two weeks ago and as I have these black marks / stains on the face of popping pimples when I was younger as 16 years . I've had them for some time and I have really wanted to get rid of them . like i said its brands you get in the face of popping pimples .... I can ask oinr as treatable and make it go away ? do not tell me to go to see a dermatologist because I can not because I live with my dad to his wife their sis nnn child there , so I'm like a child to one skilled idc lol I'm sure and know what lol so yeah I can, but online to treat it? I use the lemon thing , but it did not work
Why is this guy who just so happens to be black, always up in my face and hollering?1Melon2012-09-26 03:14:03
So the other day I was driving home from work and this black guy pulled out in front of me and was all like "omg wut u doin whiet boy" and I was like "I'm not wearing a hockey mask" and he was like "wtf did i say dat? did i ask yoo dat" and i was all like "yo sit down fool" and he was like "wtf. I am sat down cos u crashed into my car and now im stuck here. in fact i think my legs are broken thanks to you you creepy eyed mf". And at this point, I can literally type anything because no one actually reads this nonsense, so I don't know why people post long drawn out sh*t with no paragraphs. i could literally say balls balls and balls in your face. in my face. in everyones face. and no one would bat an eyelid (get it? bat). I'm going to type a sentence, copy it, and paste it three times and see if anyone notices. I'm going to type a sentence, copy it, and paste it three times and see if anyone notices. I'm going to type a sentence, copy it, and paste it three times and see if anyone notices. They won't. Because no one cares. and neither do I. So dis black guy was like "i'm suing yo @ss" and i was like "pff whatever dood. I'm loaded. one of the benefits of being lucky enough to be born into a rich upper class white family" and he said "woah. screw you" and i was like "no screw your wife" and he said "no i have no wife. idiot" i was like "your husband then" and he laughed and said "what you think because i dont have a wife or girlfriend that im gay. you is a fool". and i drove off and didn't leave him my details. not that i didnt want my insurance to cover it but because he would probably stalk me and breath over me while i sleep.
Is it important to have an insurance agent that you meet with face 2 face or do you prefer online only?0대답2012-05-21 02:27:20
It is important to have an insurance agent to meet with Face 2 Face or prefer only online ?
It improves your skin and prevents you from acne, pimples etc0jermcmch2022-06-25 10:27:59
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Why don't black girls go for "regular black guys"?0Blai2012-10-27 09:31:53
What 's wrong with the assistant manager at a shoe store , or a guy who works at Radio Shack or person selling insurance , or an auto mechanic . Most guys are doing such work MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Black women seem to go for athletes , rappers want , or the " aspiring entrepreneurs " ( which is the code so that nobody will hire me ) .. all of which have a high failure rate . These are the guys who eventually end up in jail . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I will not say the doctors , lawyers , dentists , etc. , because black men in occupations that simply do not date black women .
Aura Glow Face Cream: Special Offer The Best natural Face Cream!0glowfaceskin2020-10-28 01:41:46
The Skin Face Cream   begins getting dried out and it loses its appeal and brilliance. You probably knew about skin medicines which may incorporate infusions, medical procedure, or lasers additionally, yet these techniques are not beneficial and useful for the skin and its wellbeing. They are costly as well. In such a circumstance, you need a characteristic treatment with which you can battle the maturing impacts with an enemy of maturing item. Aura Glow is a maturing cream made for your skin treatment.  
Acne/pimples?! whats the difference, and will a doctor treat either, or just acne?1physical change2012-09-10 20:31:02
I have black heads, white heads, etc. Is that acne, or just pimples? It's obviously hormonal due to my age, but I don't want my doctor to look at me, laugh, and say he's seen worse. (my insurance requires my doctor to refer me to a dermatologist if needed, and he's not the kinda doctor that will just refer me..) so what'd ya say? What's he probably going to prescribe or do..? o.o really confused
White spots on nipples?0Jasmine072020062012-07-31 04:41:55
Okay so I've looked this question up a million times and noone can answer it correctly.. These spots are on my NIPPLE not the aeriola, i know what an aeriola is. Just trying to make it clear. I know they are not mamogramy glands or whatever the term is called. I am 40 days late, negative test and my insurance doesn't kick in until August so I was just seeing if anyone had this too. My nipples have been very sore and the white spots are right underneath the skin. I've never had this before. Again there is nothing on my areolas just the nipple itself.
White Spots On My Teeth?0goose2012-07-12 19:49:02
I have white spots in at least four teeth, one of the places near my gumline in one of my lower teeth . Points are not really bad , but I like them ! I know these are the points of scaling , what I want to know how I can reduce the look of them ? ¿ I can use a certain type of toothpaste? Or I can use a mouthwash with fluoride in it? I know that the dentist can provide, and put a tooth-colored filling on it, but do not have insurance go to the dentist. Also, I 'm getting braces on 21 this month (when I still had my insurance, they paid for them ). Do they get worse points to get my keys? How I can prevent these spots? I brush my teeth twice a day , flossing daily and I , sometimes more than once. I have no mouthwash. = ( I'll try to get something as soon as possible ! Can anyone give me some advice on what to do? Thanks in advance!
I have 3 roomates; Who gets the two parking spots?13colt, foal2012-05-12 05:33:45
I share an apartment in the gated community with three roommates. There are only two resident parking spaces , and only two of us have cars. The two cars have no say one of the points is Thiers, in case you have visitors, since they pay half the rent . Who gets the ads, legally?
Spots To Remain In Cebu02022-06-23 06:44:23
Cebu, only south of Manila in the Philippines has worked on as the years progressed. 10 years or two prior, there were not that numerous speculations and best time to visit cebu   who ran year however presently, things have changed. Until this point, it has 4 five-start lodgings, a conference hall that facilitated last year's ASEAN culmination, a global air terminal, club, white sand sea shores and 2 significant shopping centers. One UK based magazine named this island heaven as the seventh best objective to visit in the Asian area in 2007 which was an improvement from 2005 in which it was positioned number 8. Yet, on the off chance that you were are here just for a couple of days and the significant lodgings are full, pensionne houses appear to be viable. Cebu has in excess of ten a greater amount of them and a couple of them have sites which clients can check out. While searching for a spot to remain, ponder where it is found. Is this close to open transportation so you will not struggle with getting a taxi? Additionally, is it close to the shopping area with the goal that you don't need to make a trip exceptionally far to purchase trinkets and different things? One spot that you can visit which responds to the two inquiries is East Legislative hall Pensionne. Laid out in 2002, it has 31 unique rooms to browse as well as 2 quarters for understudies. Each room likewise has a latrine and shower that has hot and cold water. Assuming that you are eager, you can call for room administration or eat down the stairs in the fundamental anteroom. There are likewise capability rooms which you can use for gatherings and gatherings. It has bundles for extraordinary occasions like weddings, introductions, commemorations and graduation. 

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