Which one cost more to peoples : A worker healthy with a care insurance or a worker who work with a disease ? related questions

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Which one cost more to peoples : A worker healthy with a care insurance or a worker who work with a disease ?0Nikki Cobb2012-10-11 10:53:35
Which one cost more to the people : A worker with a health care insurance or a worker working with a disease ?
How much more does it cost to build a car made by a union worker vs. non union worker?0Mary - Help plz2012-10-10 20:35:13
How much it is costing the U.S. auto industry to be unionized ? I have much more curious about the costs of American automakers have to pay that foreign automakers do not have to pay an hourly charge , insurance, etc. .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
In order for a worker to succeed in obtaining a workers' compensation award the worker must demonstrate that the7-SummeR2017-11-21 21:46:56
For a worker to be successful in obtaining workers' compensation award , the employee must show that the
If you're under an approved doctor care for maybe 6 months and then the worker compensation provider ask you to go see there doctor You make the appointment and their doctor say to return to work and0 [51 name-51mingzi] I'mcc æ—³ Male Jiu 2012-03-21 17:22:02
If you are under medical care approved for maybe 6 months and then ask the workers' compensation provider you go to see doctor not to make an appointment with your doctor and tell him to return to work and
Another co-worker hit me at work ?0Happy2012-11-05 11:47:29
I got hit by another employe at job on my hand and i went to the emergency room to get it checked a month ago and the manager did nothing about it he just talked to the other employe and now i went to see a doctor since my hand is not getting better and they want me to see a hand Specialist and i dont have money to pay for that ... Does my employer have to pay for the doctor eveb tho my injury was not work related but it happened at work ... The reason the employe hit mewas because we where talking about this one former employe and he was making fun of her weight and i just told him "like if your girlfriend is really skinny " and thats when he struck me with a broom ... Also i work at burgerking the store manager did not report it so it went on like nothing happened and now i might need my hand checked or even surgery i have no insurance what can i do ...
Can you still go work while on worker compensation0Bryna2012-03-12 19:08:12
Can you still go to work, while workers' compensation
If you are a relief worker and had a car smash in one of the work cars?1vole2012-01-28 18:29:52
and was absent due to injuries if they still get paid
If father adds his home care worker to his car insurance so she can drive him in his car, will that raise his?0mike Gee2012-10-03 05:15:01
insurance rates ? Do they look at your driving record to determine that? If your annual premium increase , so much to be increased ? THANKS
I am looking to be an independant elderly adult companion care worker..what kind of insurance would i need?0Mr. Seuss2012-10-19 20:45:02
I live in PA and I would be assisting elderly clients to medical appointments , shopping , help clean their houses , cook etc . I did not know if there was anything I needed to know about insurance or anything like that
If you're hurt at work and you get a doctor's excuse for the next day off, will worker's comp. pay for it or?3giant salamander2012-07-31 03:39:02
Do you go out of your pocket?
How are employer cost for worker's compensation insurance determined?1Henry2012-06-30 03:31:02
How are employer costs for workers' compensation insurance determined?
Can work stress lead to a miscarriage? My co-worker is driving me crazy.?1Lalee2012-08-26 10:15:18
I don

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