Do I qualify for Medicaid and Food Stamps?

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I am a single parent 19 years of age. I have joint custody of my son , but he is covered by insurance from their mother. I live at home with my parents and have no health insurance . I only work during the summer and then go to school for the rest of the year . They said I could get Family Health Plus for my son , but I was told I could be eligible for Medicaid and food stamps . Is this true ? Do these benefits interfere with my school financial aid ?
Answer1hanzAnswered at 2012-10-19 05:43:04
1. Your child is covered by health insurance so you can not use it to qualify for Medicaid . MedlinePlus 2. The parental income into account for eligibility for government assistance . MedlinePlus 3. I do not know the state you live in , but your child can not receive Medicaid if covered by private insurance and especially if not living with you . MedlinePlus 4. You may be covered by their own health insurance until they are parents and ou 26. If you have none , you have to find another solution that includes going to a clinic for low-income county until 2014 , when everyone will be able to buy their own insurance. MedlinePlus 5. Financial assistance is not counted as income , and you borrow money , loans . MedlinePlus 6. You have to check the income limits and asset limits in your county .
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Medicaid and Food Stamps are based on your income. Your Student Aid will not count as income, and the Food Stamps will not affect your Student Aid.

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