What happens if you are in a parking lot, someone hits your car, and you have no insurance? related questions

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If someone hits my car in a parking lot and I don't have insurance and they do can I do anything?9Vietnam2012-06-18 13:07:39
Can you file a claim with your ins. if I have none , and that hit my car
What happens if you are in a parking lot, someone hits your car, and you have no insurance?5 Kefir -2012-04-16 02:44:46
please help
What do you do when someone hits your car with their door in the parking lot?1., cold ℃ -2012-06-19 14:10:08
Is this an issue that is handled by the insurance of another person, or do you have to bring them to trial or somthing and get out of them or how to handle this situation ?
What to do if a car hits you in a grocery store parking lot?0Lynn2012-05-26 20:44:06
My sister was beaten by a woman in a lot of grocery store parking lot . We could not call the police because their private property. Anyway, the lady had the audacity to say he hit ! So, basically , is this going to be a he said she said something and nothing is done about the insurance to fix your car.
Was parked in a parking lot. Driver whom is under age hits my car. She has no drivers license.?2Milki2012-10-25 00:17:02
It was parked in a parking lot . Controller which is a minor comes to my car. She has no driver's license. She was picking her older sister at work. The car belongs to his sister. The yonger sister had two children in the car. As soon as you hit my car , one of the children took off and left. The other child was the task of advising the older sisters of the accident. The older sister comes out and asks if he can lie about who was driving the car. I do not want to lie to my insurance told them the whole truth. The driver of the car that hit me, no insurance. I called my insurance company and have a rental car for its part, is arranged. What I can do to the driver who hit me? As I said before, no insurance and driving the car less . Oh , the younger sister left and was now where to be seen. It took all the information from the sister.
If you have comprehensive but not full coverage and an unknown object hits your car while in a parking lot will the insurance pay for the damage2Ricarda2012-03-14 06:52:33
If you have a wide coverage, but not a complete unknown object struck his car, while in the parking lot of the insurance will pay for damages
If someone hits your car in a parking lot and runs without leaving a note will your insurance premiums increase even though you are not at fault1robin2011-12-12 03:34:46
If you are driving through a parking lot and someone is backing out of a spot and hits you, whos fault is it?13Zona2012-09-17 03:15:05
If you are driving through a parking lot and someone bets by leaving one place and hit you, whos fault is it?
If for instance a car traveling down a road hits my car as im reversing from a car park parking space, who...?3Gre2012-05-09 21:28:31
is responsible and liable , from a piont of view of insurance.
Who would be at fault if in parking lot stopped letting son out in right lane and another driver hits my door?3Gladys2016-09-02 19:35:02
I was in the school parking lot where cars turn right and left depending on where they stopped letting me my son was in the lane to turn right and another car stopped behind to try to go around me and also go to the right, hit my children had just assumed door.She said he would turn left , because I saw my son in the car.It was not a stop sign just have to leave to wait for traffic.
Car 3 hits car 2 from behind. Car 2 subsequently hits car 1 from behind. Who's responsible for car 1's damages?15?, hard to Him. -2012-02-25 12:36:09
3 hits car 2 car behind. 2 car then hit a car from behind. Who is responsible for damage to a vehicle ?
Do I need vehicle tax/insurance when parking in housing association or council parking bays?9Chatwin2012-05-07 23:06:24
Is it necessary vehicle tax / insurance when parking in the housing association or the council parking bays ?

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