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Extreme fatigue/exhaustion, very sudden?0Shaila2012-10-09 09:39:14
I have no health insurance, so I'm here to try to figure out what this might be and whether or not so serious, you should spend the money for a doctor visit / tests. (I have 18 years and part-time work, the mother pulled me out of your insurance for a reason negligible, long story.) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was going through a period of high activity. I was going to be up to 3 times a day for at least an hour each time. I had an urge to work out, it was crazy. I could not get enough of it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Then, two weeks ago, I crashed. I woke up one day and my muscles hurt, I was tired, I wanted to go to bed. Lethargy has only gotten worse, to the point of almost not enjoy video games because I fall asleep playing. Because of this, I can set up my laptop on my bed so I can sleep comfortably. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is really annoying for me because I'm trying to lose weight. I was doing very well, eating well, and lost about 20 pounds. Now I crave fatty foods, fat as McDonalds and want to sleep. The change seemed to happen overnight. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not know if this is my immediate future or not, they are very irregular and have never been able to predict. All I know is that when I have my period, I have to take iron pills because I'm anemic and is very painful (cramps). I have not started bleeding or anything, so I do not know. I also recently purchased really bad acne along my neck, what bothers me because I care too much for my skin. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus There is pain associated with general weakness appears to be concentrated in the back of my neck, my shoulders and shoulder blades back /. It's a feeling dull effort. I have not done any hard work. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally. I'm still recovering from a kidney infection and a pretty bad sunburn. I do not know if they could play a role, but I was taking Cephalexin for infection with OTC pain medications. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any advice / ideas as to what it could be would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Forgot to mention: I was sexually active about two weeks ago, when it still felt good. There was a slight problem condom (no money) and I have a lot in me, but I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning and it was negative.
Traveling with my mom and I think she has heat exhaustion...please help.?0moe2012-10-22 01:15:50
My mother and I are traveling 2000 miles in motion. Sunday we put all our stuff in storage and it was very hot in the unit . He moved things ( very physically - safes and furnature stacked 8 feet high ) for 6 hours . I still had things moving Monday and Monday night felt horrible and the same with yesterday . We had to leave our apartment , so we left and went all night . I drove, she slept mostly and said he feels better so she drove for about an hour . Now we are in a hotel , because as soon as the sun rose, she could not stand it . Symptoms : she gags a lot, but not hectic excessive vomiting , his stomach is upset , hot and then cold . She drank poweraid unsweetened vitamen water ( I know you're full of it ) and half a bottle of pedilite . We broke no insurance so a doctor is a last resort , but we are 500 miles from home . Any advice would be helpful. I know she has to eat , but only ate a banana and chicken noodle soup yesterday ... I get your v8 or something? She goes to bed with an ice pack to sleep again . I am very worried. She is in her mid 50s along the way. Please help
What is the best home treatment for heat exhaustion?0turkey2012-10-21 01:03:46
I have no insurance , so this is a process elimiation only. I checked my symptoms on WebMD and I think I have heat stroke . Or so I have two days ago . I've been drinking lots of water and sleep a lot, but I still feel horrible. MedlinePlus My symptoms are constant dizziness , blurred vision , stomach pain , hard to keep anything down , loss of appetite, sweating , MedlinePlus general feeling like crap and I want to die .
Heat Exhaustion and Dehydration, hospital bill, please help me answer some questions?6swati2017-12-12 22:34:39
I had to go to hospital on Sunday for heat exhaustion and dehydration after cycling in the hot sun (95 degrees ) for 12 kilometers and after being in the sun all day. Anyway , I had to go to hospital and I have no insurance , so I have to pay the hospital. I'm in the process of filling the finical help document work.I have disabilities , unemployed , food stamps for low-income housing , and student debt . My questions are: MedlinePlus 1. Do you have any suggestions on the hospital bill ? MedlinePlus 2. Do you have any advice as to how to finical aid work in my favor ? I have disability , food stamps , low income housing and student debt . MedlinePlus 3. Why it took 2.5 days to fully recover from my test? MedlinePlus 4. Why do I feel like I was in a fog or mist sleep after leaving the hospital and went to the hospital b4 ? It was kind of frighting , because I do not remember everything that happened . When I got home I felt like a zombie . Why do I feel like a zombie ?
What else will cops just stop doing all of a sudden?0Pam & Hannah2012-10-13 03:45:04
In PA beginning Monday , will stop out of traffic accident scene when making a 911 call , and no one in the vehicle were injured , and no city property or private homes , businesses or have been injured by cars. No matter if the car were injured . " The police will give you information on how to submit your own report ." You'll have to be the one to get the other driver's insurance information , license and personal information ! Wow , people are going to take full advantage of that one ! What if the person who caused the accident is uninsured ? I can see people out there arguing about who caused the accident , and could get violent . It's bad enough as it is with the hit and run is already happening. It will be a free for all. Simply I can not believe it. Is not that one of the things that the police are paid to do ? They said on the news that this new standard is happening in other states already .
Sudden blurred vision?0JULIA*******2012-07-09 16:26:02
In recent days my eyes felt a bit watery. Occasionally this watery blurs my vision. I thought maybe it was because I was a bit sick ( a cold) , but I'm having doubts. If when I'm sick and my eyes water ( which is rare ) , usually does not affect my vision ( we're talking about near vision along the way. ) My near vision is usually very good, but sucks my distance . I wear glasses when I have to see things far away. I heard that a diabetic can affect your vision ... I am a type of diabetes. Could it be related ? Also, I've spent the last two weeks in the same routine : wake up , computer or DS ( game system ), to sleep. I've done nothing but look at the screens of the past two weeks. I am not exaggerating at all. I have not left the house in two weeks. This is not because of my little cold or something, I just wanted time to relax. School's out, and it was tough. This has been nice and relaxing. Screens are not usually bother my eyes, but could this exhibition displays long to be causing my vision to fail ever so slightly ? Do I need to see an eye doctor ? My insurance will not cover it , so I do not like going unless absolutely necessary.
Unexplainable fatigue?0Thrisha2012-07-22 21:32:03
I'm a 27 year old woman, slightly overweight, only maybe 15 pounds, and I have a 3 year old. This last year, I have gone downhill in mt energy levels. And I'm talking extreme fatigue, I am so tired I don't want to get out of bed. We go to the grocery store or somewhere, and within minutes I want to leave or sit down. I tried to start working out to build up my energy, and after 3 months of going there 3 times a week, I still can barely make it to 20 minutes of the workout. I wont have insurance for a couple months. Has anyone experienced this? Periods are also a bit irregular. I've had enough of being to tired to even color pictures with my daughter
Reason for sudden increase in price on car insurance?2Daisy2012-04-10 11:13:39
When I bought my car I began to pay
Heart Symptoms :FATIGUE0ciwopihook2021-04-12 08:07:23
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What is the ny dmv law that makes insurance co. cover sudden depreciation on a new hit motorcycle?0isabell2012-07-11 09:55:23
Our new Harley 08 was hit by a driver on the left . Another driver was fined and allowed single failure. The insurance company will cover the damage, but our concern is that we have lost resale value but fully repaired. It will always be a bike that has been in an accident . We buy brand new bike from a dealer 3 months ago. Thanks for any help.
I have a sudden outbreak it looks like goosebumps on the back of my arm it spread to my elbow. help!?0superman2012-07-05 10:39:01
it itches a bit and I have no health insurance, so I want is to fix my car. Please help !
Why do I have sudden shooting pains in the left side of my body?0RIZWAN HASSA2012-09-02 11:45:03
I got sudden pains today. First at the bottom of my left breast then it went to the bottom of my rib cage. Last to my left arm. It felt like the left side of my body (from the waist up, neck down) was frozen in place. It happened at least three times today. First from waking up. Next getting dressed. Then when I smelled second had smoke from some idiot smoking their health away! Idiots! I'm dying and they smoke away! Wow I have breathing problems, these idiots are next!!!! Anyways what is this? Does anyone know? I have no health insurance, no job, you get my drift? I'm desperate.

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