I got injured at work due to company's negligence i recieved workers comp can i sue for negligence.? related questions

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I got injured at work due to company's negligence i recieved workers comp can i sue for negligence.?0Gabby2012-10-05 14:15:02
I lost my 40% of my thumb and have been released by Dr. and now I'm waiting on the insurance check I said machine broke and was told to use it anyway, I can sue.
What can I expect if im injured @ work and they have no workers comp insurance?0Pola2012-06-30 02:27:02
I am employed in Indiana and was injured at work ... I was informed only that my employer has no workers ' compensation insurance and no insurance at all. If I had to sue my employer for my dr . bills and wages and loss that goes bankrupt does that mean I 'm screwed?
I injured myself at work. Been on workers comp for 3 months. Got cleared and now find i out i don't.....4 불가산명사 2021-06-10 00:30:16
have a job. What kind of legal action I can take? If I can sue, I can sue to get my job or what? I live in Florida.
I Injured my Back at work can I get workers comp? And will the company Fire Me for doing this?1. Bye.-2012-05-12 16:42:19
I injured my back at work I can get workers comp ? I moved a 2400 pounds in a skid takes her hand in the stock room because of our unique engine still is not fixed . I am in sales, but came early to help get an order in a truck. I continued with my day's work in the field (selling ) one day after my back started getting stiff. Did I mention that our personnel department of the president is now calling wondering if I'm okay . What rights do I have . I did not want to make a big deal of it because of all the firing. I need my job. I 60K per year. What should I do ?
I injured myself at the job and want to know how much workers comp. will pay for two knee surgeries?0Ogde2012-05-01 11:57:57
had an injury to both knees at work and underwent two surgeries. How much is this worth
Will I get negligence on my part?2HotShot 2012-05-10 02:14:07
Car accident , he said he was "about 45-50" speed limit is 45. Does that count as negligence on my part when the other insurance company gives me an appointment for my car ? The accident was the other drivers fault , but I'm sure you will get the most out of that 5 mph ... Wow, now I know that lying to police about my speed, when ever something like this happens .
Suing for medical negligence?0Ma\'Treeka2012-10-07 09:21:26
In January this year I was diagnosed with cellulitis in my right hand after going to the emergency room. The doctors put me on Keflex for 15 days (which could have been 12 days, but I knew I was at least 10 days). In the midst of my treatment with this drug I returned to the emergency room because I could not urinate and my left kept spazzing. The doctor and I had a discussion about how I have no money or insurance. Then I said to give urine samples. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus An hour passed and the doctor gave me a pelvic exam, because I thought I had a yeast infection medication. I said I could not have a UTI because I was 19 years old, healthy, and in that time not sexually active. I did not understand how that explains my kidney pain, but he refused. MedlinePlus I was diagnosed with a yeast infection and gave me a pill and a prescription. He gave me my papers and I was released. As I was putting the coat on his back to the room to tell me that my urine results came back and I had a urinary tract infection. So I was downloading it before examining the results of my test. He prescribed medication for yeast infection and Bactrim DS for UTI. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A week later I returned to the emergency room because my UTI had not left yet and I was still experiencing severe vomiting daily. The doctor prescribed me Cipro. I did not know until a few days after the Cipro FDA blackboxed and had horrible side effects (who have experienced after taking). At this point I was used to vomit every day, so do not think it was strange. Then my joints started to hurt and crack / pop. I did not want to return to the emergency room because, again, I have no money. I did not want to stay with some giant bill. All this ended up lasting about a month and a half. So I had the painful UTI for weeks. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It's been a few months since then and my joints still continue to appear at the slightest movement. I can not sit in a posture Indian for more than 15 minutes because my knees hurt like hell. One of the symptoms that began to take the Cipro that continues, it gives me stomach cramps every day and have difficulty passing a stool. Or I go to my day job when out of nowhere I'll have massive diarrhea to the point where you actually "see" in myself. It bothers me when I'm on my college campus and when I'm at work. My sister (who works at the hospital) think my body is still recovering from the medication. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now, I have all these bills in the mail. This test urine sample was originally $ 300. So were charging me $ 300 for a proof that they were not even going to give me the results. Ultimately, they ended up giving me discounts for "out of pocket" and charged me about $ 1,200. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have not that much money. I have no parents, I'm going to college full time, working a minimum wage job (just got this job about two months ago), and I barely had enough money for textbooks last semester. I did exactly $ 1,100 last year. I do not know how I will be able to pay this bill. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The mother of my friend works in the medical field and told me that the hospital had to help me apply for Medicaid when I went there. Not sure if this is true or not. But I explained that my situation was and she said I should try to get a lawyer. I'm not sure if I want to go that far, but I know that I am definitely happy with how physicians handled my situation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ITU That was one of the most painful things I've had and antibiotics were absolute hell. I had to miss so many classes this semester that I have to repeat one of them to keep my GPA stable. I threw up every day, had horrible excruciating headache, fever, dizziness, tunnel vision, insomnia and hallucinations, while the Cipro. This medicine is used to treat Anthrax, and when the doctor prescribed it said it only had "a little bacteria" in my system. MedlinePlus Is it a good idea to try to sue? Do I have viable reasons?
What is comparable negligence auto insurance1Adoni2012-03-14 19:51:46
What is comparable negligence auto insurance
Flood damage possibly due to negligence..what to do?0Bhuwan gupta2012-10-24 08:47:18
I live in a basement apartment . Last night severe storms hit the area . putside my door is a drain that I've been complaining . completely clogged and about 3 inches of water drained into my apartment . has damaged much of my property . I have no renters insurance however I have complained of the leak and a plumber also told him about the problem .. What are my rights and what recourse do I take ?
What is considered as negligence of a landlord when it comes to pluming?2Murra2012-09-23 13:45:03
Is there a law having to do water pipe occasionally extends between the ceilings and floors ? Or until it breaks and damages that do not have to take care of it ? I understand that the tenant should have renter's insurance , but is there any requirement that the owner must have insurance to cover damage to personal belongings of the tenant in case of leakage of water?
Comparative Negligence Auto Accident?1China2012-05-05 14:54:46
Both parties (myself being one of the two) have a unique responsibility. Pennsylvania conductors. My insurance company has determined that the other driver 100% at fault. Your insurance company says it is a neg draft and are still deciding percentages. First, without witnesses, is there any way to prove my case to your insurance company? Second, why is my safe to say that he is guilty, but its safe to say that a draft neg? For a little history: I was driving down a highway of 2 (one lane in each direction), which is the main road through town. Proceeding around curve (curve turn left) on the straight. Another driver is in a parking lot to my right. I'm traveling around 28-30MP (on a 25 mph zone) when the income of other drivers to back his truck in my lane of traffic. Right now I'm less than 2 car lengths away from him, and only his left rear corner in my lane. Opposition lost in traffic lane (not supplied) in an attempt to avoid the collision. Collision not avoided. His left rear corner (which is receding at an angle to enter traffic in my direction) collides with my right front panel. ` Just to help see both sides :) I was informed by his sure his version of history was as follows: He was backing up in the parking lot. When he saw me, stopped for me to turn around. I was speeding and veered off-road and clipped him. I have a photo showing the collision of the road immediately after. We had both taken our vehicles, as both were in safe positions. However, the high definition picture you can see a streak of rust on the road in the precise location where the vehicles affected. Your insurance company tells me that this photo is useless. Hope this helps.
Can I sue this doctor for negligence if I lose my eyesight?1Sian x2012-08-23 22:45:02
I am part of a medical discount program in the county, which is a kind of insurance for people who have no money . There is only one neurologist who attends this program at this time , he is aware of my case and the fact that I'm losing my eyesight due to intracranial pressure pressure on my optic nerve , however , will not see me until July 6 , almost a month after he was discharged from the hospital when my doctor told me I needed to see one of 1 to 2 weeks. There's no place I can go. I have no real health insurance I'm unemployed , so you can not afford to go to a private clinic. Even when I was in the hospital , the neurologist on call would not come to see me. I have only 25 and I have my sight, and the medicine they gave me does not work. It seems that nobody takes me seriously because I have a discount program. Let me know if I can take legal action if I lose my sight because the man who is supposed to help me not taking my case seriously , especially considering the fact that it is completely reversible. Obviously I do not want to come to this , but the idea of ​​being even half blind scares me. Everything I like to do involves the use of my sight. Worse, if this is not about can and will start affecting the right eye too. Medicaid is a no-go , I do not qualify in the state where you live because I have 25 , have no children and I'm not disabled. Employment is a problem at this time until the condition begins to clarify , I have frequent debilitating migraines and back pain and some days I can barely see out of my left eye. I might try to apply for temporary disability, but people told me that the Medicaid process can take from 6 months to a year, and then the condition expected to have disappeared .

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