Can your girlfriend be covered under your policy if she has no car insurance related questions

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Can your girlfriend be covered under your policy if she has no car insurance1Gavi2011-12-12 04:03:39
Is it possible for a man to have his expectant girlfriend covered on his medical insurance1Belle2012-05-12 17:44:29
Is it possible for a man to have his pregnant girlfriend covered by insurance
If your ex girlfriend ruins your car because shes pissed, is it covered by auto insurance?0kenyetta2012-08-02 22:59:03
Lets say for whatever reason she takes her anger out on your car and ruins it. Slashes tires, ruins seats, destroys windsheild etc etc. Will your insurance cover it?
If my girlfriend has full coverage insurance and she wants to drive my car will she be covered if in a wreck?0Lee2012-06-30 11:01:03
My girlfriend wants to drive my car from time to time, I say no , because she is , no, not in my safe, and it is covered if something happens . I have responsibility, you have full coverage on your vehicle. She seems to think that will be covered , I wondered if this was true or not.
Can I be covered under my girlfriend's insurance plan if we have lived together for a year and a half?3Dorothy2012-07-25 01:36:03
My girlfriend works for AT & T and enrolled in your insurance plan . I just graduated from college, and have not started the job with my work yet. Insurance coverage I had with my parents going to expire later this month.
Ex-girlfriend has a life insurance policy on you What happens to the policy now that you aren't together anymore2Alder2012-02-16 18:46:36
Ex -girlfriend has a life insurance policy in which What about politics, now that you are not together,
If i was to buy a car to give to my girlfriend, can she get her own insurance policy?1"The money 2012-04-14 22:31:03
Trying to buy my girlfriend a small cheap car. If I buy and all the papers you can call and get your own insurance policy? Some reason I developed the idea that is sure to match the name in the title.
Can I drive my Girlfriend's car under my own comprehensive insurance policy?6Hedda2012-05-05 21:37:15
¿ I can drive my girlfriend 's car in my own comprehensive insurance policy ?
I think my ex girlfriend is using my name for 1st driver on her insurance policy. Is there a way to find out?10collective singular noun2012-05-18 13:57:16
I went to and tried to make some appointments and said that there was already an account and could use the forgot password feature . I tried this and told me that my maiden name of mother was wrong. That is a joke, because I only use two different names for my maiden name of the mother in these situations . The full name or short. I also looked at the password hint that there was something my ex -girlfriend would usually say. I know who has insured his car so I can call the insurance company and cancel the policy. She has no right to use my name on my back for their benefit. Help is appreciated.
Can my girlfriend be added to my health insurance policy?0Bianca2012-07-22 19:29:02
Hello. I live in Florida and have health insurance with Coventry Health Care of Florida (I have an open access plan). My girl friend was layed off in January and lost her health insurance. Is it possible to put her on my policy?
I have car policy and my girlfriend has her own policy but we share the one car.?2sheep2012-07-30 03:58:57
basically , every time it gets there the political drive in the window .. Would that be okay?
My girlfriend died and I had cosigned a car for her. What is the policy regarding that, do I keep the car?2Angela2012-06-04 10:20:25
Do I have to continue payments ? Or I can keep the car without having to pay the debt , as it was his car and died.

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