Negative pregnancy test, so whats wrong with me? HELP!!!!!!!?

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Hello , any help I can get would be greatly appreciated ! I had unprotected sex (no birth control ) with my boyfriend on August 15 and my period was supposed to start on August 31 to September 1. Unfortunately , I never got it , so I began to worry that she might be pregnant even though they were sure it was removed in time ( just do not want to have children yet) . My biggest concern was that I was spotting brown flow instead of my normal period that lasted a couple of days . This has never happened before! However, I was very relaxed , so I did not prolong the possibility of getting my period . I took two pregnancy tests , the first on 04 September and the second on September 8 and both were negative . Now it's September 17th and I have not gotten my period . Should I take another pregnancy test in the case of the others were wrong ? I know in some women Ph levels are not always high enough, so maybe a blood test instead? I am not showing signs of pregnancy , such as nausea , breast tenderness , cravings , or to be more tired than usual and no signs of abdomen. It could be a sign of infertility location ( my worst nightmare) or it could be nothing bad at all to the point here should see a gynecologist ? ! Unfortunately , I have no health insurance at the moment and I'm working on getting something that all relevant information and sound would be awesome! Thank you very much in advance , right now all I can do is hope for the best ! : (

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