When you purchase home owner insurance ,is it legal for them to charge higher rates based on our credit report? related questions

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When you purchase home owner insurance ,is it legal for them to charge higher rates based on our credit report?0Lil Kid2012-10-03 08:15:03
besides the high rate they chage for insuring each type of coverage they normaly offer for the type of coverage and area we are in for that coverage?
Why can bd. of ed. charge higher % rates for health ins. than what gov. christie already did?0Meat Duck 2012-06-05 06:33:32
have the least money that workers pay higher rates than those of teachers and administrators? ? ?
Should car insurance companies charge different rates based on racial statistics?0Waseeq.A2012-08-21 06:15:03
No? Then why should they be allowed to discriminate based on gender?
Should auto insurance rates be based on credit?0Dane2012-09-10 11:29:07
That is what is happening now . I have bad credit because I'm paying double what you would pay if you had excellent credit . I've never been at fault in an accident in my life . Age (49) . I did a quote for auto insurance and credit saw affected my rates . Do not you think this is illegal , what insurance companies are doing . Can be a major class action ?
Can an employer charge different rates for the same health insurance based on the employee's income?0Tom Jameson2012-07-30 21:22:03
My employer is instituting a progressive health insurance rate plan. The more money you make, the more you pay for the same benefit. Is this legal?
Why, how and when did car insurance companies start determining rates based on my credit score?1AnOnYmOuS1232012-09-20 19:33:02
I have driven safely for 20 years without an accident or ticket and my cousin paid on time and in full each month. Now , I'm thinking of buying a new car and that the agency wants to check my credit . Well , that's fine and dandy for some fool caught in credit scam with a good result , but I have no credit . The rate I have quoted is astronomical and almost the price of the monthly payment of the whole car . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When these agencies get to this scam and why the hell does this have to do with my credit card ? The only thing these criminals must face is my driving record and the fact that I paid every month !
Auto insurance premiums based on credit scores. Then why aren't credit scores based on driving records?6Lynn2012-06-03 18:43:40
I do not know about other states, but in Me. premuims auto insureance are primarily based on credit scores . I can not understand if someone is behind the existence of bills becomes a bad driver. Etheir 're a good driver or not.
Do you know of any auto insurance companies that don't base your rates on your credit report?1Quintina2012-09-17 22:15:03
Due to an illness/ disability in our family, despite having health insurance, we still owe thousands in medical bills. Those that would not work with us turned them into collection. They now show on our credit report. Despite being insured for both our auto insurance and our home insurance for 20+ year with the same insurance company, we got a notice saying our auto insurance had gone up hundreds of dollars per year based on a credit report they obtained. We have never had an accident, ticket, etc. and the amount automatically comes out of our checking each month. Plus, last year, prior to this, they switched us to a preferred group within the company and gave us a discount when we threatened to switch. How can I find out which insurance companies base your insurance rates on your credit report and or score? Will they tell you outright? This is the first I have ever known that our company did this and was wondering if all of them do it, or do you just know about it when you get a notice like we did? I get their reasoning but it seems like such a rip off when so many are in our boat- insured but with insurance that is starting to pay less and less and cost more. Plus, they have our checking account and if we were not to pay, they wouldn't be responsible for us if we had an accident anyway. Seems like a double whammy to me. Can anyone help?
Is it legal to charge a higher rent for students vs. non students for the same rental property in Canada?0Teara2012-08-26 12:45:03
My 1st rental property, having prospective tenants view the property now. Because the insurance rate for the house is 3 times higher if I rent to students (they are classified as high risk) I want to charge more to students in order to cover the additional cost to me. I would charge $100 less/month to any tenant who is not a student. Legal or not? Thanks
Why don't health insurance companies charge a higher co-pay for a higher does of a drug?0No,Sir2012-05-04 12:10:10
Therefore, if you receive 20 mg of Viagra costs the same as five. Effexor 25mg 3x daily , just like if you take one a day. Why is that? It makes no business sense .
Is it a good thing that replacement value of a home (in terms of insurance) is higher than purchase price?0satheesh2012-09-26 21:34:02
We are buying our first home and I just found out that the replacement value of our home insurance covers is $ 42,000 more than they are buying the house .... Is this a good thing?
Can you dispute an Insurance (car) company using your credit report and score for insurance rates? ?0Happy Face2012-09-19 03:40:02
Florida State MedlinePlus Credit report is excellent , but lost significant work and pay the bills now . What should I do ?

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