But i have food stamp and medicare and other insurance wound they take that from me if i work from home? related questions

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But i have food stamp and medicare and other insurance wound they take that from me if i work from home?0disk_ck2012-10-02 12:43:02
But I have food stamps and Medicare and other insurance hurt to take that from me if I work from home?
If a state official lies about food stamp rules, shouldn't the USDSA Food and Nutrition service be concerned?0ayan2012-08-18 01:12:02
Hank Hudson ( the key man for food stamp information in Montana) tried to tell me you can not collect food stamps if you are eligible, and had to pay $ 300 for a traffic fine or late car insurance mandatory. This is a lie. Allen is correct in < / a > ( You may have a food stamp skyrocket due to the mandatory insurance laws car ) Should not the Food and Nutrition Service of USDA straighten Hank Hudson? ?
Am I or any member of my eligible for food stamp?0John Jones2012-08-28 22:15:38
Hi, I am permanent resident (green card holder) in NYC .I put my family info below please tell whether i will get any food stamp Me: 20 years old,full time student and works 30 hours Father. 62 years old . work 18 hours a week Mother: 56 years old house wife Sister : 23 years old , full time student and work 30 years our annual family income of last year was $ 36,654 but my my father isnot getting the same hour as he got last year and so the income become lower now.we are not taking any aid from gov. My sister and i take financial aid from school .My sister sometimes participate in workstudy programs. My mother have diabetis also we have health insurance so tell me will we get any food stamp 1 second ago - 4 days left to answer.
Does rental income count in food stamp qualification?2Heidi2012-08-25 05:54:19
What about the mortgage, taxes, insurance and utilities paid for the rental property , can they count as expenses in determining eligibility?
Should Food Stamp and Health Insurance recipients have to pass a drug test to be qualified?2lashundra2012-08-11 07:45:03
Assuming no health insurance to offer.
How does one explain federal food stamp rules to Hank Hudson of the Montana DPHHS?0Hishaam2012-07-26 19:25:02
Hank Hudson says no link between the payment of traffic fines , mandatory auto insurance and increasing food stamp NRS . (NO deduction allowed for these ) Nichels Allen says ( correctly) that those eligible for food stamps can collect food stamps due to the payment of traffic fines , and mandatory cost auto insurance , thereby causing a rocket of food stamps. How can we explain this to Hank Hudson of the Montana DPHHS < / a>
Home wound care?0Ring2012-10-22 23:15:04
my husband got a cut on his arm . we went to the emergency room and sutured . take the stitches when I said I could . within hours the wound was reopened . had not healed completely ! uninsured and do not want to have another bill from the ER . Is there anything I can do here to help the cut heal? we were trying to think of some way to make points at home ... I did find a fishing line that is almost identical to the one used in the er .... but I can not find a needle . Anyone know where I can find a small needle ? He also gave me some liquid bandage ... this will work for him or will take a long time to heal ? butterfly bandages not hold it together . Any idea ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus the cut on the arm above the elbow . is perhaps 1/4 inches deep and is about an inch long. thanks :)
Does anyone work for Medicare or consider themselves Medicare Speialists?0Modesty2012-05-23 04:01:00
I charged a 30% penalty for late enrollment and I'm trying to fight it .
How do food stamps work?0go to/失败2012-08-04 00:21:50
I am 19 years old and live in a mobile home park in Ohio. I work full time and live alone. I pay for all utilities, insurance and also college loan payments. Do you think I would qualify for food assistance. I am not the kind of person to accept a free hand and would only be asking because i am in need.
How do you work at a food service job?0Donal2012-07-06 05:59:02
I have 17 years and have recently implemented a barbecue establishment in order to start paying for some of my own things (insurance , clothing , etc) is my first job and I really do not want to screw it up , as jobs are difficult to come by these days. If you have experience, please enlighten me with his great wisdom !
Why doesn't obamacare include food? Why aren't we required to buy FOOD insurance?3tomcat2012-10-23 21:57:02
If I am 66 work full time and have a work provided insurance company and I resign at age 67 will I be eligible for Cobra insurance or must I immediately get Medicare Part B0 ㄨ. · Full moon ≒ -2011-12-29 09:06:04
If I'm 66 work full time and have a work provided the insurance company and I resign at age 67 I will be eligible for COBRA insurance or should I get Medicare Part B immediately

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