Do u really need to buy geeksquad insurance on a laptop at BestBuy wen the laptop has a manufacturer warranty? related questions

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Do u really need to buy geeksquad insurance on a laptop at BestBuy wen the laptop has a manufacturer warranty?0jordie2012-09-30 08:15:03
How to get insurance on a laptop after the warranty is up?0gabs2012-07-09 04:08:02
I have curiosity about how to obtain insurance laptop after the warranty is with the company. Since they are not allowed re- new . I heard someone say they had insurance on your laptop through a different thing, but did not ask as many technical details.
Laptop Warranty Help?0sneha2012-07-14 00:54:02
My mum's laptop was fine up until a few days. Where the screen seemed to stop (Not working). We plugged it up to my TV through the VGA cable and still nothing appearing on my TV. However the lights are still on, and flashing? We checked the warranty and it's out by a few months. The laptop is a lenovo G555. (We have home insurance so it is covered) But not with faults the laptop has caused its self. I'm wondering if anyone can help me or give me a pathway haha. Thanks Jack
If I was to claim on my laptop insurance for a replacement , what type/kind of laptop would my insurer send me?1levon2012-10-16 15:10:02
Hi , Does anyone know the answe to my question ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have an Acer Aspire 5750 Win7 4GB Ram , 2.10GHz Intel Core I3 2310 - M basically all the latest Portable Tech , which is exactly one year old. MedlinePlus I have comprehensive insurance laptop ' ' and I really need a new laptop because the 5750 this is an error, the blue screen of death still occurs for no reason , so basically I need a replacement laptop , only I'm wondering if my claim was accepted as Laptop would come to protect my bubble ? MedlinePlus Etc New / Used someone can advise me ? MedlinePlus :) MedlinePlus Thanks in advance, Chris .
My laptop insurance are not covering my stolen laptop as they say it was not forcibly removed from my person.?1maliik2012-09-15 09:50:03
A little while ago my laptop was taken from me without no knowing from my laptop bag as I was travelling through London, I reported it to the police and then reported it to my insurance to get my replacement. I rang them up today and they said they would not cover it as it was not forcibly removed from me. Is there anything I can do to appeal this in any shape or form, in the insurance form it states under theft: "Loss as a result of violent or forcible entry or exit from the property stated on the schedule or Theft of the equipment from the insured involving force or the threat thereof. Where the Equipment is portable cover extends to any location while under the control of the insured. Is this me pretty much boned or is there away round this?
Should I get an extended warranty on my laptop?1[email protected] G |/|()||3y 2012-07-19 12:03:02
The laptop will be
I want to perchase one laptop for profesion in marketing,i am new user of laptop please suggest me good,chiep?1Sandy2012-07-29 17:25:03
Perchase want a laptop for the marketing profession , I am new to the laptop , please suggest me good, chiep ?
Laptop laptopt laptop Insurance finding one is a nightmare!?0gil2012-09-12 13:15:03
What is the fee for canceling your insurance policy with ProtectYourBubble ? MedlinePlus I'm a student so I am insured with Endlseigh but my brother is not, he would not be able to secure them right? It's jsut that he can not get contentsinsurance our parents do not have home insurance and travel abroad will be with friends and different and strange , so if your ride for theft Endsleigh cover this, but another student gadget not sure what do . MedlinePlus PUB is enrolled and thought that covers theft without forced entry " Be who read the fine print MedlinePlus ' What other organizations are good at insurance coverage for theft ride , while in the UK and abroad for 31 days ? Do not have contents insurance and house insurance that does not have a permanent address yet. Brokers do not help thanks
My laptop was damaged whilst in for warranty repair they wont pay out.. pls help?0anymous2012-08-13 05:45:02
Hello I will try to cut the story. I had a failure with my fingerprint reader , Toshiba technicians said it was hardware related after diagnosis and sent a messenger to pick it up at your choice and return policy . 8 days after he came to Toshiba (despite calling twice in this time and said everything was fine) call me and tell me that the fingerprint reader is not defective and the screen broke. I told them that was broke when he left . They asked me if I checked the mail packaging of the laptop and I did it thinking it would be insured. They say that because I did see and that the packaging looked great on arrival that I am not covered. The T and C only state that Toshiba is obligated to pay insurance costs of collection and delivery, and nothing but in relation to the packaging system , which checks for damage or anything even remotley related. So how can they say I'm not covered. Their customer service recognizes that an element of a table can not be damaged without the box is damaged too. I'm pretty sure I could drop a sturdy box and not damage the box, but break the contents (eg crystal displays ). They aslo do not think it's possible the case may have been damaged and replaced during transit. Toshiba refuse to cover the cost and want to charge
Friend broke dell laptop with accidental warranty?0Evil Philanthropist 2012-08-18 22:14:02
Hello , my drunk friend got angry and decided to throw my laptop in the street outside the second floor terrace . I hope that is covered by accident insurance from Dell, because I have all the pieces, but I'm afraid to contact them . Any advice ?
If your laptop is under a home insurance plan not warranty, would that usually cover accidents eg spillage?0Llolah`2012-09-17 16:46:02
If your laptop is not under an insurance plan on-site warranty , which usually cover spill accidents for example?
Help for Laptop's insurance??!?0Dean2012-05-07 21:50:25
My laptop is beyond repair as the screen went blank and the half of the screen goes all colors, etc who have insurance on the laptop , but is now 4yrs old and rather fix it rather then start saving for a new computer laptop! Would an insurance company will give you the money instead of repair or the insured is out of the question?

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