Valet parking accident - how to proceed?

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I used long term parking near the LAX airport . ( Annoyingly , all these services are provided valet . ) I turned , and immediately noticed the corner of the rear bumper broke seriously. MedlinePlus I filed a claim form in the act , the employee signed it, and took pictures . The good news is that they avoid or deny anything - but I think you 'll see the check cleared ... The company that handles their claims , said that since they are self-insured , you should see the money in a month if I have luck . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It seems that the cost is a few hundred $ above my insurance deductible of $ 500. If I help my insurance company ? Makes sense, but I fear that they have no interest in pursuing the full amount, and you'll end up with little compensation , instead of the entire amount if I left after the parking lot myself. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think my confusion is how I can work "with " my insurance company to maximize the chances of getting a full refund ? This is also the first time I file a car insurance claim .

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