Yes u are right im an Idiot i shouldnt have forgiven? related questions

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Yes u are right im an Idiot i shouldnt have forgiven?0animal2012-09-30 00:03:02
The Drugs She in first place in frankfurt maje me ans lose thousands of profits then I had to pay 25 thousand to my brother for his false insurance and everything. It's a dirty ho bad I hate her and her entire family. They will not even let me rent and apoartment After costs me thousands of dollars . If u are right that has a history of being a bad ho it costs me money . Like my family I will never take that dirty scum spit on her. She can take my brother and some of his people he knows worthless .
Im still angry at the wrongdoers, shouldnt I be over it by now? I need some honest outside opinions?0kkk2012-10-22 18:08:50
To cut a long story short , I've always been a good and honest , but has been harmed by many people ! , Last year , I was in school and working for a good restaurant , and met a guy who said he was interested in me , but he deceived me, I know it sounds like im an idiot , but basically took all what had -car , phone , money , whatever it took , deceived me to go with him , and his own mother would not help or is it anywhere near your house , I lived with my parents , then , so I paid for her to stay in a motel , fed him , took seats im , and when I finally tricked to go to another city with him and his brother and his brother 's girlfriend , who continued taking my keys and my car when I was sleeping , so I could not go to work , and they were using my car and phone to do things illegeal , luckily I have my car after a wek after threatedned me out of it and left at a gas station , but was destroyed so I had to write it as a total loss , and it cost me a fortune to get a new car with the insurance money , what makes me angry is that he did nothing wrong and these people just abused me goodness and not give a **** , and I do not know if they ever arrested , he told police , too, in previous work , iv been lied to and about, my rabbit was taken from me cos the hairdresser lied to managger and slandered me , iv had people in jobs is lazy and very rude to me the merit of my work and make it seem like I could not do the job and get me fired ! , Im so angry , I get over it , but I do not know if or how ! Someone has an honest opinion MedlinePlus ?
Okay this is very confusing so please bare with me. I rear ended a guy. I think I am at fault, but shouldnt be8Stephanie2012-10-04 03:45:03
I rear ended a man after he stopped suddenly. It was just after an intersection where the light was yellow. I decided to go through it because I was about 20 to 30 feet from the intersection when it turned yellow and I was going 45 mph. The man opposite me through the intersection without slowing down a bit and suddenly no major break come to a complete stop , not at all in relieving breaks only as hard as you might suddenly . I was about 15 feet behind him. I know I should have had more space between cars , but it was a yellow light and I did not want to be stuck in the intersection to get a ticket for a red light. So after I hit the stop and try to get your information but does not have a driver's license or insurance, but his dad makes the passenger. So after arguing with him 15 minutes here and there on the desire of the information he decides he only wants to leave. So let me drive only with an enrollment number.Help ! Shouldn'tHeBeFalt
Does my car insurance policy contain private info that I shouldnt give out?0David2012-05-19 11:47:38
I wanted to email me so I could print from another computer, but it emailed to another person by mistake , it will be acceptable to the other person to know the details of my car insurance or have done something really stupid ?
My brother is an idiot but wot will happen?20Nichola2012-08-14 23:44:03
My brother was arrested by police yesterday for driving your car without any insurance, he will have to go to court and WOT will their punishment ? it hasn't got no points or had problems with police before.
SORN but not off road...i'm an idiot!?0`sunflower2012-03-10 03:34:59
I'v been an idiot ! I declared SORN on my car a month ago ( here we go) does not move off road. So I had a report on duty today and wondering what to expect ?
I hate Obama so much right now, isn't he an idiot?0i love polka2012-10-06 14:09:01
I'll keep this simple because I only know what my father told me about politics. I saw a video of Obama talking about why not to " return the keys " to Republicans and yes that is excellent in giving speeches and lying to teenagers like me, but I really want to see if Romney responded to this bs . It's ridiculous to me that Obama is acting like an idiot , he's so good at doing interviews and speeches that people forget how much of a loser who is in office. It's not a contest to see which party is right , it is the greater good of this country . For God's sake , vote for Mitt Romney . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus BQ : Is that what Obama Obamacare requires us to have health insurance , while richer people like him get the best doctors ? It's like going to a public school , is free, but it sucks .
A women dies and leaves life insurance for her grandson, shouldnt he get it?1Dimples2012-09-30 23:26:02
the freind of my grandmother is trying to take the money my grandmother left me based upon the will that states family members get nothing, arent they two seperate contracts
My idiot brother got a DUI last night in my truck?12Augus2012-08-04 19:07:49
Will this affect my insurance premiums
I was an Idiot; bought car, no title. Advice?1 인사2012-08-11 02:15:03
She signed a document (which was not legal and undocumented) and gave me a copy of the title (apparently , one is checked before you send an original ) and said call if I have problems. I called her she did not have, but the state of collection costs $ 95 to get a new title, and she wants me to pay. Obviously , I'd do as a last resort , but I'm a little low on cash . I figure if I get care of myself, no problems .. How I can do that ? I read about probation - the title where you can go a year and then if not claimed , you're good, and some other (illegal) things .. What would be the best for me to do here, or that the copy job (my friend told me he would not) .
Teens what kind of idiot buys a car with no Insurance?1shenese2012-10-07 06:03:02
Oh and this person that did this was black. White people will insure everything because they git money AM I RIGHT?
How much will my idiot speeding ticket affect my insurance....?0Jerom2012-05-27 18:11:09
Recently I made ​​a terrible choice to accelerate to 92 km and was fined over forty miles. I'm with State Farm in Ontario and I wonder how much my insurance will increase consisering am a driver g2. i currently pay 1,800 per year and have.heard to reach around 2600. Does anyone have knowledge of HRT ? I need my car to go to school and yesss i ****** up .. this is my first offense a ...

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