Worked hard, paid for home, can't get health Insurance, disabled- Obama or Republicans? related questions

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Worked hard, paid for home, can't get health Insurance, disabled- Obama or Republicans?0maverick2012-09-28 22:19:02
Relatively mild disability due to work. Insurers will not touch me with a ten foot pole . Cobra about a thousand a month , eating into savings . If I get sick for any reason I would lose everything I've worked . Who is better , Obama or the republican ideal , which is something like F. And die ?
How do I find Health coverage for someone who's 60 hasn't worked since 67 and is disabled?3Benton2012-06-12 13:41:52
How I can find health coverage for someone who has 60 years has not worked from 67 on and off ?
A co-worked asked me if his unemployed family member has to carry health insurance under the new Obama- Care?0toad2012-10-14 16:02:46
A coworker asked me if his unemployed family member has to have health insurance under the new administration of Obama -Care ?
Why is it so hard for Democrats to understand that we Republicans love our health insurance companies dearly?2hh.2012-10-20 20:31:56
I find it insulting that the Democrats are so against insurance companies that keep us healthy and safe. I speak for everyone when I say that Republicans , Democrats or licensing of insurance companies themselves. They are good people and deserve respect , a fact.
I bought a home in NC to rent. I paid $50K the ARV is $90K. How hard will it be for me to refinance it?0tanvi verma2012-08-05 16:04:47
at $80K which will include my closing cost. And walk away with a check for some of the equity.. .. say $20K for repairs, mortgage until rented, utilities, Insurance, etc.. Is that possible? I have excellant credit.
I worked for the State of Ga. paid in long term ins. they paid for awhile now that want pay.?0Denise2012-05-13 15:04:55
I need a lawyer in the Ga area to help me restore my Metlife long-term disability , I owe a lot of money, I was hoping to find a lawyer who was not afraid to rise again this co -insurance.
Why are republicans complaining about obama health care law?1kellie pricley2012-10-27 00:10:02
Obama's health care law has more prons than cons yet republicans and whining rich cry babies complain about the 1** flaw that everyone is mandated to have heathcare insurance. So let's get this straight its bad to have a call that reduces cost, prevent company from preconditioning discrimination, increases your coverage till your are at an age that you can completely take care of your self, provides medicaid to the needy, and affordable rates to seniors..but requires all of our hineys to be covered? Its required in my state to have auto insurance no one is complaining and I guess republicans rather have a 100,000 bill if they get a slip and fall injury. Are these people complete idiots? Or are my highly wide open eyes am not seeing the bigger picture?
The health insurance wrote it, Republicans have used it, SC passed it, but you hate Obama. Why?0Xenia2012-07-28 22:28:00
The health insurance wrote , Republicans have used it, South Carolina passed, but I hate Obama . Why?
Why doesn't Obama ignore the Republicans since they have nothing positive to add to health insurance debates?1kaisa roller 2012-07-24 02:12:07
What do the Republicans hope to elicit from Pres. Obama considering health insurance legislation?2deanna2012-09-13 13:55:03
WHY is Obama pushing so hard to force every American to buy health insurance?0Chycaria2012-07-22 01:27:02
Are these people waiting for this bill passes they realize they have to start paying health insurance, and if they do not know that Pelosi said going to jail " would be appropriate? "
Can i sue the parents of kids who damage my brand new car, which i worked really hard to pay for!?0 night has' dream -2012-06-16 02:01:31
I can go back! Ally does not want Winge ! but when you get parents to do im in the mistake of asking their children to stop or go to your own home! that makes me crazy ! Parents then ganging up on you to complain! are the parents who are and encourages children to slaughter rep! I brought my children to respect others , this is not the case !

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