Should I sell my Principal Financial Group Stock or hold it right now? related questions

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Should I sell my Principal Financial Group Stock or hold it right now?0Rosedala2012-09-25 23:33:03
I did not pay anything for it . Complete with a life insurance policy he had with them . The website says it might be preparing to make a purchase again and wonder what I should sell or keep .
Principal Financial Group-Life/ADD Insurance?3Mckenzie2017-01-04 23:01:55
Is there anywhere online that you can review a standard feature employee group life insurance ( specifically AD & D ) policy ? Focus on the exclusions from AD & D ?
Is it legal for the insurance company to hold the remaining balance of your claim to apply to your loan as principal payment1N-VAR 2012-01-28 13:37:39
Is it legal for an insurance company to maintain the balance of your claim to apply to your loan principal payment
Does Nationwide Insurance Company hold stock in Like Kind and Quality Corporation0 ωǒ old ぺ Public -2012-03-15 13:55:49
Does the insurance company nationwide have shares in the same class and the Quality Corporation
Want to buy cake decorating stock (wholesale) to sell as trade?0jeniza2012-08-06 02:00:03
Want to buy stock in cake decorating (wholesale ) to sell the trade?
Why would my life insurance company (Prudential) ask me to sell my shares of stock.?0 terror ♂ salmon → Celadon -2012-05-07 00:12:14
Is there a catch does anyone know what the top and bottom sides are to this. Its through a team share a external company thanks
The principal unfairly suspended my son from school, what can I do to get back at the principal?0 ↘ Preschool -2012-10-10 08:15:04
Shortly before I was done working I get a call at the office that my son was suspended from school and sent home; when I got home, he explained to me that there is this girl he REALLY hates who has defiled his name and defamed him across the whole school. Last period, the door to the class was open but the teacher wasn't here, and this girl embarassed my son in front of the whole class by shoving him out of his chair and making him fall to the floor. My son got up, enraged, and entirely provoked, kicked the girl hard in the face then slammed her head against the edge of a shelf. The girl was sent to the hospital (unknown how many days she'll stay there), and my son was FORCED by the principal to write an apology letter to the girl and was then sent home (apartment is in walking distance). I wasn't called and informed of ANY of this until AFTER the letter was sent out shortly before my son left. When I got home and reviewed the suspension notice and my son's story, I was fuming. Did my son deserve suspension? Did that girl deserve to get away with everything she's done? Did that girl get in ANY TROUBLE WHATSOEVER? The answer to all of those questions is no. My son is completely upset and saddeened badly by this entire situation, yet no one seems to consider his emotional damages. This is clearly an act of DIRECT incompetency on the principal's part, and that is why I am writing this. So I want to know, how can I ********LEGALLY********* ruin the principal's life! Me and my son (we live alone in the apartment) want to get back at this sorry son-of-a-god-da-mm-bitc-h for placing a blemish on my son's record (he gets GREAT grades and is highly regarded) and for discriminating against him based on gender, and for LETTING that girl get away with it? My son also knows how to pick domestic house locks, so lets use that to our advantage. I only work 8hrs a day 5 days a week so that said I have lots of time needed to punish him. I can call him and then have ambient breathing and then hangup, or even leave a notice on his car saying "sorry i damamged it please call my insurance company *faulty phone numner* to arrange things" or even plant evidence showing a break-in, when I never broke in! But I need your guys's help to help me get revenge on this mother-fer. Thanks.
Does anybody know about mass mutual financial group? what do they do?0Ebun2012-09-03 14:15:03
All I know is that its a private company. I have a life insurance policy with them. I wanted to know a little bit more about them. Is it feasible to cancel my policy anytime?
What documents should you hold onto once you sell your home?0Ramesh Reddy2012-09-03 00:15:03
I've sold a few properties and I don't know if I should hold onto the title insurance, closing papers, etc.
Can a contractor that is contractually obligated to purchase insurance for its principal use that insurance policy to fulfill its obligation to indemnify the principal when it's not the named insured0Betsy2012-02-13 02:12:30
Can a contractor who is contractually obligated to purchase insurance for their primary use that the insurance policy to meet its obligation to indemnify the capital at the time other than the named insured
TFSA account questions - World Financial Group?0nizar2012-07-09 07:18:02
I have a TFSA account with World Financial Group. My work cut my hours to 8 hours a week so I have ceased the $200 monthly contributions and put the account on hold. My advisor called me in regards to my TFSA account that I need to have at least $500 sitting in the account, or either that I have to start putting in at least $50 a month, or that I would either have to cancel the account completely. I was confused when I had my TFSA under BMO this wasn't the case. I'm confused, and am starting to have my doubts with WFG. Also I have life insurance with them, and when I signed up for life insurance I was informed that I was legible for critical illness and that I had to get it right away as the "deal" had a cut off date. My advisor also informed me that I have until the 18th to tell him what to do with my TFSA. I have currently only $50 sitting in there, can't it just sit in there until I'm ready to start things up again? Like I'm so confused I never been rushed into things like this before from a financial advisor.
If I buy a house as an investment, hold it one year, and then sell it for a loss, what's the tax treatment?0Tay Davis2012-10-04 19:15:03
History : The house was purchased with a mortgage insured by me personally , and because it was a short sale , I have a 1099- C Cancellation of Debt in the amount of my loss , but the loan was for the total purchase price . I also paid interest on the loan , property taxes and insurance. Can all this be self income , which would show a loss for the year? That would be easier for me . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Or if not , where will I go into that, and no amount of my income to offset the loss of debt cancellation ? And if so , how could deduct my expenses ? Any help would be good , as I have looked everywhere on the IRS website and find nothing .

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