How do you get a prescription for birth control pills with out insurance? related questions

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Is it possible to buy Birth Control pills without a prescription?2vaseva2012-10-26 22:46:02
I've been to the gynecologist several times for my birth control prescription. Nothing is ever wrong with me, the visits always go the same. Needless to say, like every other woman I HATE going, it's awkward, it hurts, it's weird in general and it's the most uncomfortable fifteen minutes of my year. I understand the importance of yearly check-ups, I get it, cervical cancer and other potential problems need to be found and sorted out quickly. Quite frankly though the pills are overpriced (especially considering the fact that I have to be violated on top of everything else) at the pharmacy and I'm a broke college student with no insurance. This is ridiculous. I just want to be sexually responsible and I was wondering if there was a way to buy birth control without a medical prescription?
How do you get a prescription for birth control pills with out insurance?0scooby913200022012-09-20 21:15:04
Are there clinics besides Planned Parenthood? Because I was just turned away from one because they are closing early today and didn't post notice any where and I won't be able to get back there, it's so far from my home. If so, how much would they charge? Is it safe to go get an exam? Any information would really help, please...
Kidney Stones when take birth control pills, but if I dont take the b/c pills I wont have a period?0Darren2012-09-09 21:23:02
It seems that every time my doc has started me on a birthcontrol pill in the last four years ending with attacks kidney stones ... but if I do not take birthcontrol pill then I will not have a period. I have terrible skin outbreaks allover face head neck chest ears back when I'm on my period . When I'm not on my period I also feel better in general more power and weigh less and have no hunger pains ... but a few days after my period I start to feel bad again and skin problems and weight gain / water retention and low grade fever back . Please help ... My nurse does not help that he does not know what to do .. and insurance limits and I can see no other documentation ..
How much would a birth control prescription cost without insurance?0Karianne2012-07-01 20:35:03
My health insurance is running out soon but I need to get on the pill. Does anyone know how much it will cost me to get a prescription without coverage?
Birth control prescription without health insurance?0kill a mockingbird2012-09-19 03:43:02
I have no health insurance and I have to actually buy some birth control pills now . What I can do to have the recipe ? I am a college student and unemployed .
Birth control prescription HELP! my insurance won't cover my refills...?4Thoughts to pain as injury2012-09-02 10:06:02
except in packs of three ( cvs told me that my insurance company just changed its policy ), and only I have two refills left. I called the doctor's office to get the recipe from spreading , but it is the women's clinic at my university and are not open due to the rupture . I have only two pills left. What do I do ? the pill is Loestrin 24 Fe , and I've only been on it for 2 months , gave me one month free trial , plus a recipe for 3 months so I could try and make sure it was a good fit. I have no idea what to do now.
How much does it cost to go to planned parenthood for a birth control prescription?0kevin giordano2012-10-27 18:15:02
I live at home , but I'm going to college in the fall . I have over 18 years of age and my parents insurance but do not want to get a bill ( I can not talk to them about it , and you can not tell ) . I only work five hours a week and live in Pennsylvania . What I can expect if I go there and how much will it cost?
If you have a birth control prescription, does it show up on some sort of statement each month?0Mabel2012-07-24 15:20:02
or any real recipe . every time you fill out will not be displayed in a statement through insurance or whatever?
Is it bad to go on and off birth control pills?0Amaris2012-09-07 11:43:03
I've been in and out of the pills for years before Christ .... partly for insurance reasons ( excessive spending and having to pay full price - . failed) I mean, I 'm not doing to prevent pregnancy . I was originally put on them because my period is irregular , usually when I get it , I'll stain in 2 to 3/2 weeks, going a period of a few days off and then back . They said they were lower estrogen levels . Also, I had an ovarian cyst , which helped reduce the pill . MedlinePlus Currently I am cyst free , and have been taking the pill for more than 6 months. It's that I do not want to be taking the pill for all my life and every gynecologist seems to want only to put them all in it with no choice ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is spending a few months and a few months off worse for your body than just stay on them? because they also have long-term effects :
Will the health insurance, Premera, cover my birth control prescription cost, YAZ?3Pandora2017-07-26 19:17:27
I went , but my father money tihg ton. I wondered how Premera cover yaz b / c.
Getting birth control pills without insurance?1Keegan2012-07-19 19:12:02
I'm almost out of birth control pills and I have 3 refills , but I lost my insurance last year when I started working on their own. Stop taking these pills is not an option because I take them continuously for a serious health problem , so what would be the easiest way to get back the prescription for them without insurance? I'm thinking of going to a family planning clinic because everyone says it is a low rate , but how long does it take to get an appointment , and what it is?
Questions about birth control pills?0iormares2012-10-12 14:45:02
Where I can go for a bit ? MedlinePlus is free with insurance ? MedlinePlus Will my parents find out if I get a little through insurance ? MedlinePlus some general information about it thanks !

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