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Has the economy trumped the Bradley factor in this presidential race?0mz.baby2012-09-20 20:45:03
I like to think we're getting healthier in terms of our history of racism contaminated , but I can not help thinking that for most Americans the most important thing seems to boil down to money . Maybe money has always been our enemy . We are seen as greedy and uncaring people especially when we have millions of Americans without health insurance , good schools for our children and millions of foreclosures because of the greed of Wall Street and the corrupt institutions of money lending . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does the economy , or money , but not all the triumphs of our prejudices and bigotry that often manifest themselves in both covert and overt racism if ?
Can a will or has as a will ever trumped beneficiary?1Kathy B2012-07-25 09:23:03
The grandfather who appears is his will that his money should be split 4 ways , 3 children and his second wife ( not the mother of children) . Insurance policy provides that the spouse is a beneficiary , but even until his death , he wanted the children to know that each receive a quarter of the total quota. Common knowledge to women and their children. Now he is dead, she refuses to split the money. She is in poor health , and on his death , if nothing changes , the money would go to the grandparents to their children by step , not their own biological children . Can I challenge this? Can be forced in court to share your wishes , backed by his will and was done to distribute the money fairly? If it helps, the stepmother has questionable character , adultery , opportunistic , etc. Can a good lawyer to win this ? Please advise !
Is Bradley Walsh CBD Useful For UK Guys?0Jykalkotta2021-06-10 05:23:04
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http://bradley-walsh-cbd-gummies.moonfruit.com/ 0Isabelmaste2021-04-02 00:20:27
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Who was the frist us female presidential candidate1Crimson Fart 2012-05-09 19:59:29
Who was the presidential candidate Frist us
Can I vote in this years presidential election?0alandra2012-10-06 21:45:02
If I live in Florida , but do not have a drivers license in Florida . I thought you would have a driver's license in that state to register to vote . This is my first voting :) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( GA have a license , just moved here but do not plan on changing my license or tag for a while because my parents still pay my car insurance )
Who is the perfect presidential candidate 2012?1Rex2012-09-10 00:15:02
seriously... I want a candidate... who is AGAINST laws that take our freedom away to catch all these "terrorists" who are supposedly roaming our streets in the millions (as in the National Defense Authorization Act, which makes it legal to imprison US CITIZENS indefinitly without a lawyer, trial, or even proof of crime... MURDERING the 4th amendment)... who is free from corperate scum buying his/her influence... who isn't too STUPID or GREEDY to realize that we must protect the environment, aka our HOUSE and we must get off fossil fuels ASAP... who protects individual liberty and doesn't expand the police state, useless branches of government, and who stops taxing us for every breath we take... who understands "blowback" and doesn't PISS on the nations of the world in order to exploit their resources... who isn't against a woman's right to choose because the government has no business in women's bodies... who can create a welfare program that directs recipients through COLLEGE rather than menial labors... who can make sense of health care without penalizing folks who don't buy it, because the govt has no RIGHT to tell people what they have to buy (and that counts for auto insurance)... and who realizes that the govt's job is to MAINTAIN ROADS, BRIDGES, AND OTHER INFRASTRUCTURE and not much more... Is there such a candidate? Will there be any candidates in 2012 who think for THEMSELVES and not their dumb "party" interests? Who is MORAL but not a FUNDAMENTALIST TALIBAN CREEP? Who is the best candidate next year?
Is the 2012 Presidential election rigged for Obama?3Emmaline2012-08-21 01:38:03
I'm a twenty year old college student, and I recently registered to vote as Independent. I'm starting to think this Presidential election is rigged for Obama. Parents will get their children fake IDs so they can vote for Obama. Obama is letting "illegal" immigrants in the U.S. so he can rack up their votes. Obama all of the sudden approved of gay marriage rights just before the 2012 Presidential Election. Why did he wait until now? We all know he's getting the youth votes because he thinks health insurance plans should pay for students to have sex. Free birth control and condoms; have fun kids! Liberal colleges are brainwashing their students into thinking conservatives are not open-minded and not critical thinkers. Just because the Republicans want students to "work" while going to college, doesn't mean they're communists. I'm working four jobs while attending college full-time. As long as I'm working, everything gets paid for. That's just common sense. lol. As long as you go to class and keep your grades up, you'll get grants and student loans. I'm not very bright at all, but I know hard work pays off eventually. I have attention deficit and sleep apnea, but all that means is I have to put in extra time for my studies. I just finished my freshman year of college with a 3.5 gpa. A 3.5 isn't that remarkable, but it could be worse. lol. Not everyone can have a 4.0 like Bill Maher; I love his show though. Seriously, why can't we just go ahead and say that Obama wins? I'm voting independent because we all know Obama is going to win. Poor Mitt. lol. Thanks for answering. God Bless. Or excuse me, "Bless". We can't say God anymore in America!
OK, which of the presidential candidates do you think REALLY has a viable health care plan?0RB2012-08-12 16:47:02
I'm not in politics, the feeling that there is return on your money, favors and corruption in general everywhere . Wealth , looks decent , connections , charisma wins every time. Sorry for the cynicism .... But this is certainly an interesting election year ! I left a large company (corporate culture awful) with 18 years of impressive gains . Could not continue to pay large COBRA rates and am currently looking for affordable insurance for a poor person healthy (a large blood pressure and cholesterol, not smoking , not drinking ... blah blah ....) < br > The rates are just obscene for anyone with limited income. SO PLEEZZZE help me ! . Do any of these candidates HAVE A DECENT PLAN THAT HE / SHE REALLY , REALLY intends to apply ? Thanks for your opinion, and if you know of a plan of health care honest with a high deductible (which can handle the smallest things - the first two or three thousand) let me know . So far, insurance salesmen I've talked to give me chills and sound like used car salesmen ..
With Presidential election looming, do you have adequate health and life insurance ?1math help2012-08-05 09:09:02
God forbid anything should happen , but you and your family adequately covered in the health and life insurance coverage ! Could you pay your medical expenses if they exceeded $ 50,000? How is your situation will help you decide which candidate to vote for ?
How will the supreme court's decision about Obamacare affect the presidential election?1Jamie-Lee2012-08-03 03:15:51
Mitt Romney wants to cut Medicare and Medicaid. President Obama wants more people to pay for health insurance. The price of health care continue to rise. If the Supreme Court rules that the individual mandate is unconstitutional then, that the presidential candidate will benefit from this decision? What if health insurers must provide health insurance to a person with a preexisting condition ? Obama has spent much time and money preparing your plan of Obamacare. Mitt Romney wants to cut Medicare and Medicaid, but how could he stop the price of health care to rise ? If health insurers must provide coverage for a person with a preexisting condition , health insurance will rise. Why not wait until you have a disease and thousands of dollars in medical bills before obtaining health insurance?
Von willebrand factor issue... PLEASE HELP ME!!!?0Avon2012-07-15 21:00:02
I have suffered with the disorder, von Willebrand factor by a very long time, but was not diagnosed until I was 18 years old. I have heavy periods and large depend on estrogen to help stop them. I have been on birth control since I was 12 years due to heavy periods , but the doctors did not realize he had a disorder until he was 18 years without insurance , so I have to rely on to plan parenthood help me with my " women's issues" have been in pads until November 2010 and entered the Mirena. My body rejected it and I had to withdraw November 2011 because it was falling. They put the implonan on my arm and I was periodless until April this year. I have been on my period since 07 April and last week put me on Micronor ortho and has been fine. I keep trying to tell you I need estrogen because of my illness , but they refuse to give me medication with estrogen because I have NASH is a chronic liver disease . I do not know what to do and I'm looking for help and answers. I said to the method of ibuprofen, which is to take 3 every 4 to 6 hours to thicken my blood , which is a joke cause , does NOTHING ! What else to do! Is there a natural hormone pill you can take to help me ? ? ! I use birthcontrol pregnancy issues too because I 'm in a serious relationship and none of us wants a child ... I just need help and suggestions ! NEED SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ! ! For your information I am only 23 years old!

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