Auto accident injury - how much should I ask for?

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Hello ! 3 months ago was T - boned by a car that ran a stop . My old car was totaled $ 700 (91 Honda with 260K miles on it and spent a total in history) . I had to get seven stitches in his head . I do not miss work , but missed two college classes that day . I have a small scar from a half inch or so in front. My medical expenses were $ 3000 after ambulance , X -rays , points , etc. I have a police report and the witnesses were there in the report . I see no need for a lawyer , and it was not a big injury and I have not had any problems since then , but I have no idea what is a fair agreement is for a case like this . I've been kind to the insurance agent of the party - at-fault that he has been to me , but I've been offered $ 600 for pain and suffering ( he said it was the maximum) and $ 500 for damage to property. Should I accept this? Like I said , I'm not trying to extract as much as I can , but I do not want to get ripped off or ...

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