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Heart attack question?0Ausi2012-09-18 16:56:04
I quit smoking cigarettes about a week and a half ago with electronic cigarette , but now have until then to get my blood pressure yesterday. ( which rose slightly ) I looked online and many of the symptoms of a heart attack and I'm having most of them . The thing is I do not want to go to the emergency room ( unless actual heart attack ) b / c I do not have insurance and I know that can cost thousands of dollars . I'd rather be bankrupt than dead , but can anyone give me any suggestions on what I can do ? I have 29 years old, about 5'10 " and weighs 225 pounds smoked a pack a day for seven years and had asthma as a child . MedlinePlus Can my heart up time not to smoke or has the damage already been done ?
Question about Social Security disability after a heart attack?0Tammy2012-07-11 11:35:02
Does anyone know how hard it is to get disability after a heart attack? I had a few years ago. I had two occasions and a balloon catheter put in. My first two stress tests were good. I had to have a stress test of emergency in September, including a nuclear stress test. I had done this under the care of charity by different cardiologists. I should have done in order to obtain approval for surgery on a broken arm. Nobody told him how well I did, but was acquitted of surgery. I've been living off money from the inheritance of the past few years and my maintenance costs are minimal, but the money is starting to run out. Before my heart attack that has always worked in jobs of physical production in a hot environment. I went to several employment agencies trying to find a production job, finally found one who sent me to a factory that was 105 degrees in the work area.It was about 95 degrees outside.I only lasted 4 hours because lightheadiness had three periods. I started getting these spells after my heart attack. Between September 2010 and September 2011 I got these spells and fainted three times during that period of one year. Cycling seemed to trigger these episodes. One was on a day when the temperature was around 50-55 degrees, one degree per day 92 and the last was in the ER when I broke my arm cycling. The emergency physician, said one of my blood pressure was very low. I can take Coreg (carvidilol), lisinopril, and pravastatin and aspirin. I tried to get a job with air conditioning in retail at places like Wal Mart and Lowes, but because of the economy, never received an answer. I'm up to my last drop so to speak. I do not know where to turn. I talked about the first 2 episodes dark with my cardiologist and tested and never found any problem. During a blackout spell I fell and hit my head on pavement.It left a pool of blood. My friend tried to wake up, then tried to get help from neighbors. He said he was about 10 minutes, but I'm guessing 5 minutes. He was about to call an ambulance. I was only breifly to the emergency department. Another time, I'm guessing it was out of about 45 seconds. I hit my head then, but I was semi-conscious. I was partially aware of my surroundings, but it was like a dream state. It sounded like an engine reving in my head. I have no health insurance now, and I do not like to depend on charity care. I just did it before because it was an emergency, when I broke my arm and he could "shake it off."
HELP!!! think i might be on the road to a heart attack.?0sangeetha2012-10-19 21:15:04
SORRY THIS IS A LITTLE LONG. BUT ALL THIS INFO IS NESSESARY TO EXPLAIN MY POSITION SO PLEASE READ IT. i have been having problems over the last few months that make me think a heart attack is in my future. the first day of symptoms i went to the ER. i have seen 4 different cardiologist. they all said i was fine. but they all also said i was tachycardic and had high BP. no treatment has been given. i was diagnosed with POTS syndrome 5 years ago. i think they all just assume this is what the issue is and just send me home without doing a full work up. i don't have insurance so the bare minimum treatment usually always happens. as a result of this POTS condition i am a couch potato all day long. i just cant do much physically. i am a little overweight not that much. 40 pounds above target weight. i wouldn't say i am fat just a little extra. i have inflammation problems all over my body. even my rib joints pop and crack then i breath deep because of it. no answer for why this is has ever been given. remains diagnosed. i am out of work. because of the POTS so i cant afford a good diet. My diet is mostly hot pockets and Microwavable TV dinners. i know all these things are bad. but with my condition and me being out of work i cant really do much about it. ok here is where i start to get worried. for the last few months even though the cardiologist says i am fine i still think i am on the road to a heart attack. it started one day when i took out the trash. i live in an apartment. my trash bin is about 100 yards away. by the time i get there my legs feel weak. i am walking duck foot because my balance is off. i get a little dizzy. i get this strong pressure in my chest and i can feel my heart beating forcefully up in my shoulders and throat. i cant breath. i am sweating. i have a stabbing pain near my left collar bone close to the neck. the side of my neck up to my jaw hurts. my left shoulder and down my arm hurts. i am sweaty. my tummy gets a sudden flood of butterflies and then i almost collapse. but i don't. after this butterflies feeling i gain a little bit of strength. i get back inside. lay down for 20 mins and i feel better again. but i am nauseous now. sometimes even get the dry heaves. this happens almost every single time i go out. i have been to the ER probably 15 times with these exact same symptoms. i have called the ambulance a few times over this. they always send me home with no treatment. Maybe its because i don't have insurance. or maybe its because they think its just this POTS syndrome. which it isn't by the way. i have had it long enough i can tell the difference. i basically have every classic symptom of a heart attack. yet when i go to teh hospital they say oh your fine and send me home. Most of the time by the time i get to the hospital my symptoms have calmed down some. maybe this is why they dont think there is a problem. who knows. but i fear that if i do nothing then one day soon i will be having a full blown heart attack. this is something i just know in my heart. i am convinced by how i feel that this is going to happen. i cant get the doctors to listen or do anything. i doubt they will until i show up on a defibrillator. honestly the local hospitals here are just awful. but i cant get the doctors to do anything so i have to take it into my own hands. i need to do whatever i can do to be as healthy as i can and hopefully prevent something bad from happening. the problem is like i said. with my already poor health there isnt a lot i can do. and i live off of food stamps. you cant really buy any kind of decent food with that. i am just lost here. i do not know what to do. but i know i have to do something. i fear the worst if i don't what can i do? i don't know what to do.
Too many symptoms. Heart attack?1.zakiyya2012-10-17 01:42:27
I am a 22 years old. I think I'm very healthy , plus I smoke cigarettes . Apart from that . My first symptom I have is a sharp light / very sore pain in my right arm . Originally from the elbow and was more intense. Then spread from the elbow to my hands. Kind of had a light tingling sensation in the fingers. Then the pain , followed in his left arm. Now mind you, these pains are of a trough in the day. However, it seems to be increasingly frequent. Secend symptoms I have is very tired! All I wanna do is sleep. My body is the use of gettin around 8 am and I can not even do that. Third symptom is in my area adominal . More to the rib cage. I have a feeling burnin light. I've never really experienced heart burn before so I can not compare , but that's what it seems. That's one out of a thing well. Very strange it feels. Fourth symptom is that I feel a bit sometimes , nausea. Fifth symptom is a mild pain in the leg. Type the same pain in my arms. Now these other symptoms began yesterday . I have described began 2 days ago. Slight headache . Not bad. I can tolerate it . Fluttering sensation in the chest of Light / burn. Further to my breasts. And I've been gettin off and jaw pain . There is extreme. Very light . One night I felt something in my throat. It was weird . I also had trouble breathing. Not bad. I feel like I have to take a few extra deep breaths . All this is very strange to me. I do not know what it is. If I'm thinking about these things. I have no insurance at this time. That's why I'm asking for opinions. Thank you !
Could this be a Panic, Anxiety or a heart attack?0...Drug$-N-Alcohol... 2012-10-19 17:30:45
I have a little anxiety . I had this condition since shortly after an overdose of tea (caffeine ) , when I was about 17 or 18 years old. Right now I have 22 years of age. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last night I went to play board games and was an all nighter . At the time of its 6AM, I had to go to work . So I got ready and went up to my parents car was left . As I sat quietly in the car , my heart starts pumping faster. Then I started having anxiety . Then I had a feeling of fullness to the right in the center of the base of the neck (right between the clavicle ) I've never felt before. The feeling of fullness was so uncomfortable that she felt as if my heart is about to explode. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So we went to the fire station to get checked up . I was hooked on this machine and was told that my blood pressure / heart rate is high . I heard my systolic was 160 years. . . something (I forget ) So I wanted to take me to the hospital to get it checked out , but I refused . After a few hours of rest , I felt good. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway , to clarify my thoughts lingering concern, makes the machine in the ambulance car detect heart attacks ? I have no insurance , so I want a good reason to go doctor. I think it just might be stressed since my ears were ringing a bit (which I had since that first panic attack , but was stronger than normal ) What do you think of this?
Can anyone tell me what these symptoms mean? heart attack or stroke?0Science2012-10-16 03:23:42
Yesterday my father was driving home for himself and was going church when suddenly began to feel unwell . He knew he had to leave as soon as possible for him . but as he approached the house began to feel light headed , dizzy , and his left arm started getting stiff and felt like I was paralyzed with his left side of his face. He had pain in the left side of the spine ... I'm not sure what it is called bone since I have not had yet, but the upper bone anatomy is sorta like a blade that excels when it comes to having good posture . Anyway he had pain just below that. I'm worried about his bad sign . but felt better after a while , but are worried. We go to the doctor soon , but have not made an appointment for lack of insurance, but we will. Someone help. He's in his 40. No overweight or was really surprised ... Sorry for the spelling errors and such im sorta in a hurry. Please let me know what I heard. Thank you.
When my dad had a heart attack his insurance paid him 200k.. that's enough to buy me a ferrari right?3parker2012-08-30 02:45:13
Is insurance company liable if someone has heart attack while driving, and cause damage another car?0Dawb2012-09-21 00:56:02
An insurance agent told me they are doing research to see the driver had a heart when he caused the accident . Because if I did not responsible under the law to pay . Is there a law ?
Heart attack no insurance how much info can the hospital find out about your bank accounts ,IRA ,etc?0Sarahana2012-10-20 21:08:01
Heart attacks are not sure how much information the hospital can get information about their bank accounts , IRA , etc ?
What happens to an American if illegally in Mexico has no money or insurance suffers a massive heart attack?2Keen2012-10-04 21:00:06
What happens to an American, if illegally in Mexico do not have money or insurance suffers a heart attack ? Just what Mexico did help the U.S. or illegal, what do they do there?
Is taking medication after a heart attack be classed as premedical or pre-existing condition for travel Insurance1[email protected] citY 2012-01-13 23:16:15
Are taking medications after a heart attack condition is classified as pre-med or pre - existing travel insurance
Is negligence on the part of Employer Managment to give assistance to Person having a Heart Attack at job location grounds for possible Worker's Compensation grievance4PORN STAR 2012-08-07 17:52:45

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